Protect files from accidental delete

By Walid AlMoselhy ·
Is there any software or plugin for the Windows Explorer that adds another security prompt (say with a password) to help users not to delete files only by pressing the delete key and then the Enter key, cause they always do it spontaniously and although shadow copies help returning them, sometimes its just helpful if they don't erase them at all

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VB Script

by StealthWiFi In reply to Protect files from accide ...

The best thing I can think of that would get close to that would be a custom VBscript.

There are tons of online help groups you could ask or head over to and post the project and a programmer there can do it for you.

Honestly, if for what ever reason your users just refuse to listen to you (manager won't here it, whatever...) I recomend you find another company to work with. They clearly don't respect the hard work you put in and this will not be the end of your problums. It will be things like this all the time, and more and more frequently they will walk all over you and waste capital getting "other experts opinions" and crap like that. For you own wellbeing I would not work in a shop where the users wouldn't listen to their admins advice and couldn't figure out how to stop deleting files.

If it helps no other company I have ever worked with or heard of takes any mesures other than user training and fireing those who don't learn hwo to not delete important files.

Hope you find a solution,

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