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Protected Administrative Account

By kwoolsey ·
Is there any way to configure a 'master' administrative account that cannot be locked out by, let's say, a disgruntled member of an IT team. This account would be protected (A restricted OU?) and the password held be a very select few. (Windows 2000/3 Active Directory)

The main worry is that someone could lock out or change passwords to the degree of crippling a network. I have just started looking into this and any tips would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance.

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by LordInfidel In reply to Protected Administrative ...

The true domain admin or local administrator account can not be locked out. (without installing a un-supported utility that allows the true admin account to be locked out)

When I say true, I mean the default administrator account that is created when the OS is installed. Not a duplicate of the account.

Any domain admin can change the password of any other domain admins or lower level account, That is just the way it is.

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by kwoolsey In reply to FYI

But is there any way to protect an administrative account within windows, to isolate it somehow.

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