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Protected by GoBack

By shama6568 ·
I switched a hard drive with GoBack on it to a new motherboard. The GoBack freezes and I can't start in safemode. The message states Press SPACEBAR to repair problems or see other boot options. Please wait and it freezes. How can I bypass GoBack and get this hard drive running properly?

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Even if you can resolve the problem with GoBack, you're going to have a problem with Windows. You cannot move a Windows installation from one motherboard to another. Windows installs hardware-specific code on the hard drive.

I suggest you do the following:

1. If you don't already have one, create a current backup of your data. You can do this by reinstalling the old motherboard. Or, you can do this by creating a new boot partition on another drive and then backup the current one.

2. Use a bootable Windows CD to reinstall Windows over the existing one on the hard drive.

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by shama6568 In reply to Protected by GoBack

I had to switch to another motherboard because the CPU broke and the new one is too big to fit into the old machine. I tried to reconnect the hard drive to the old motherboard but it didn't work. It starts but it freezes at the GoBack screen. I've tried pressing F8 and ctrl button but no safemode.

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by BHunsinger In reply to Protected by GoBack

Replace the old Motherboard and disable/turn off GoBack. Then If you are using W98, that should solve the problem. Otherwise you could install your os on a different HD and copy the files after slaving the old HD to your system

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