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    Protecting equipment in the DMZ


    by vwsportruck ·

    Hi All,

    We currently have a web-filter in our DMZ that is Windows-based and getting virally hammered all the time. I’m curious what others are doing to mitigate this. Would a spam appliance rather than a Windows box be the way to go on this? Your recommendations are welcome 🙂


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      by vwsportruck ·

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      I’ve used Barracuda equipment…

      by notsochiguy ·

      In reply to Protecting equipment in the DMZ

      …with good success in the past.

      I had a friend recently talk about a device from St. Bernard; and how well that has worked for his organization.

      Depending on budget, you could also look into some Linux-based options. I’ve not used any in corporate use, but I have heard good things about SafeSquid from people I trust.

      Hope this helps!

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        Ditto on Barracuda

        by forum surfer ·

        In reply to I’ve used Barracuda equipment…

        That’s the best way to go IMO. You can get 1 box that does many things well and does them as well (possibly better) as software based server solutions. Not to mention manging them is a snap…very well thought out interface. St Bernard works well but it doesn’t “feel” as well thought out, polished and professional as Barracuda products. Not to mention you can demo baraccuda products on the web.

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          IronMail works very well

          by robo_dev ·

          In reply to Ditto on Barracuda

          same concept…hardened appliances don’t get hammered.

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          Heard great things about that one

          by forum surfer ·

          In reply to IronMail works very well

          but I never used it. Same concept, take the load off the server and it does simplify matters greatly.

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