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    Protecting Files


    by jgsearls ·

    Is there any way to protect against the following scenario: I have a user that has a sensitive folder on her C: drive. She gets up to go to the bathroom and doesn’t log out of her computer. Is there any way to password protect a file so that anybody who walks by her desk cannot access the sensitive folder?

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      Protecting Files

      by syscokid ·

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      You don’t say what operating system you are using.

      If you’re using Windows NT, she should press ctrl-alt-del and lock the workstation before she leaves. You can also restrict permissions on the folder so only certain people can access it.

      If you’re using MS Office products, most documents can be password protected under Tools, Protection.

      Another simple method of security is a screensaver with a password. Have her then right-click on the desktop, and do Properties-Screensaver-Previewbefore leaving the desk.

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      Protecting Files

      by i.brew2 ·

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      I have a program on my Windows workstation called Encryped Magic Folders, a password protected system that encrypts the contents of files AND folders and hides them on the hard drive. Can’t even view the files in Explorer without the password. Works great for many different situations.

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      Protecting Files

      by rrod ·

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      It sounds as if your problem would best be solved using the screen saver with a password assigned. To make it easy for her to access this feature you might assign a keyboard shortcut to initiate the screensaver or place the screensaver on the Microsoft Office shortcut bar which would just require a single click.

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