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protecting the desktop OS

By electromagnet ·
I'm looking for the cure to desktop OS problems!

I've seen a LOT of ailing system that have either been infected, corrupted with adware/spyware, wrecked by software installs/removals, misuse, etc. The number seems to be growing as more people get computers and connect to the internet.

Does anyone ever wish for a magic cure to these kinds of problems? Something like a Restore CD or Ghost that can quickly restore a system to a clean state, but even easier... I've heard rumors of software and/or configurations that can change the way computers are operated.

I've been thinking about just making a computer harddrive read-only. That would certainly keep the viruses out, right? And you can't screw up the software on a read-only drive. It's just too bad that you can't update the OS or install new software!

I've heard of some software called VMWare ACE that runs your OS in a virtual PC, protecting it and encrypting the data. Has anyone ever used it? I heard it is often used on public systems that need extra protection. It supposedly dumps any changes made when the system reboots, keeping a clean system image. I think you can also create certain policies that would allow system alteration. It sounds almost like teflon coating your PC!

It would be nice to have software that can keep a desktop OS image clean and protected. Anyone heard of any other ways to easily maintain an OS?


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by apotheon In reply to protecting the desktop OS

Get a LiveCD distribution of Linux, like SimplyMEPIS. You can find it at http://www.mepis.org (you'll have to download an ISO and burn it to CD-R) or pick up a copy of Point And Click Linux (by Robin Miller) from your local Barnes & Noble, which comes with a SimplyMEPIS CD. Give it a whirl.

There are other LiveCD distros available, of course, including the ever-popular Knoppix. There's even a LiveDVD version of SuSE Linux.

Things run a bit more slowly from CD, because seek times are longer than with a hard drive, of course. There's always a price to pay, though.

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