Protecting Windows 7: help please?

Hia folks

I've just bought a Toshiba Netbook, and it comes with Windows 7. I've never used this version (Windows Xp all the way!!!) and, apparently, the netbook won't take XP, so I'm stuck with it.
I'm trying to find protective software for it, specifically antivirus and firewalls. Since the purchase busted my budget, I'm stuck with free software. I need some advice on what to get.

The only free antivirus I know are AVG and Avira. Anyone knows which will be better for W7? And what about a firewall?

Any advice will be apreciated.

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protection for win7

by PurpleSkys In reply to Protecting Windows 7: hel ...

we use Avast free for home here on two win7 machines, works well; as for firewalls, we just use the one that comes with the os, otherwise, zone alarm is supposed to work well with win 7

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AVG better than Avira

by kristain In reply to Protecting Windows 7: hel ...

AVG is better than Avira for Windows 7. It protects your computer against viruses, worms, spyware, adware and trojans. Its fast, smart and won?t slow down PC.

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by drivers1492 In reply to AVG better than Avira

For the firewall I'm in agreement with purpleskys. Windows firewall is fine for most end users. I personally dont use antivirus programs and havent for years but AVG does seem to be a good choice from what I read.

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We're using Online Armor for a firewall.

by Ron K. In reply to Protecting Windows 7: hel ... <br>
A free version is available for home users. <br>
I found out about OA here at TR and I liked it well enough to buy OA Premium's Family Pack, covering 3 users. This is after testing many different firewalls and Internet security suites.<br>
Right now we're using AVG-Free. We may all get the realtime protection offered by the paid version of Malwarebytes.<br>
I'm like a broken record when it comes to 'protecting' a computer. Backup, backup, backup. We use Acronis Home 2010 PC Backup and Recovery on our main computers. Having a clean image handy to load back onto the hard drive makes life much easier. Fifteen minutes to re-image this computer with 75GB of data. Windows takes longer to install, not to mention the 149 programs that are on here. <br>
No amount of security beats good backups, IMO.

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Thank you!

by JLVFR In reply to Protecting Windows 7: hel ...

Thanks for the answers folks. I'll use AVG and check out that "Online armour". As for backups, no worries there. I'm paranoid about that! :)

My greatest concern are keyloggers and such, because I'll be using the netbook to access out work network... with admin rights... so...

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couple great little tools

by PurpleSkys In reply to Protecting Windows 7: hel ...

malwarebytes for anti malware, spybot search and destry, and ccleaner for cleaning temp files, cookies and whatnot

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Ooo yeah!

by JLVFR In reply to couple great little tools

Those 3 are on my "absolutely indespensable" list :)

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it comes with a firewall and you can get AV free from MS

by CG IT In reply to Protecting Windows 7: hel ...

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