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I've tried to search for something like this, but I've not found anything online this specific, so I figured I'd ask.

Basics: I installed Windows, Office and Photoshop, and activated them all. Maybe it's the OCD, but I like to reinstall Windows every 3-6 months. Rather than constantly using the DVDs to reinstall everything (and have to re-activate everything,) I figured this would be a good opportunity to use the System Image part of Windows 7 backup and restore.

Because of the System Reserved partition (and the way Windows handles it,) I had to wait for it to drop from 30% free to over 50% (100MB partition, and it needs to have 50MB free for the Backup to run, as I found out the hard way.) So I figure I'd wait a bit (read about waiting for the space usage to randomly drop.)

During this time, the laptop is connected to my wireless, and has access to the internet, but it hasn't been used except for activating the 3 programs. It also hasn't been updated, nor has any AV on it.

My question is: since I don't have AV on it yet, the system hasn't been updated yet and I left it alone for about 1/2 hour, are there any concerns I should have leaving it alone for such a length of time online without AV? I'm pretty sure it should be fine, but that IT paranoia kicks in, and makes me second guess myself.


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Antivirus is over rated anyway. jk You should be fine without Antivirus, as long as you don't open suspicious emails or browse sketchy websites. Most all viruses are launched by executing it somehow, be it a link on a website, email, etc. If you are simply connected to the internet, and don't use the internet, probably not going to get a virus. (now watch, you'll get a virus. )

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