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    Protection of online Abuse, Including: Children, Teenagers, Women, Men|+|-

    by creightonwilliambrow ·


    RALLY 1


    This week I have some laboring work and a website week 3 out of hospitals from lack of accommodation

    I think we should all get together globally and find some way to debate or protest at the browser companies to bring in the’ Report Abuse’ Button requirement in Browsers. It doesn’t mean we need violence or rage… New Scientist Magazine showed that picketing had a 0.8% effect on businesses or similar or we could get some more stats or maths, people, to lookup methods.

    Work Future –
    2020.08.30 Job Agency contacts me when ready. Sister thinks I shouldn’t get any more qualifications as I have the average amount. Have some part-time work coming up but only for a short while. Online tests all show me to be an online cybersecurity guard in many areas of tests but that’s almost blasphemy. It’s actually kind of scary to me how job rating sites want to rate in say 18 positions in all in computers as if I am entrenched in it. {I may give gardening a go for a while not sure}

    Top Volunteer Accomplishments
    Last 7 Years: Office 365
    1 Contacted Secretary of Defence Australia and suggested monthly licensing for Microsoft Office. Received thank you Letter from ‘Australian HQ Military’. Estimated to affect 12 Billion Tax Dollars / Year*. I also ended up with my brain zapped 25x so it was no easy free ride. [And the letter? Plain Text ‘Thank you for your information’.

    Last 4 Years: Multiverse
    I contacted Steven Hawking after reading page 134 in A Brief History in Time. We spoke maybe 6-8 Paragraphs. with 3-6 months he wrote ‘Multiverse’ book. I said to him what if the universe was like a black hole. he, I guess, had a whole series of data/equations and maths go with it where I could develop programming I am only Age 15/16 at maths although algebra I can program exceptionally or with my own methods.

    Last 3 Weeks: Browser Anti Exploitation attempt
    Contacted Chrome Browser, Opera Brower, Safari Browser, with the idea to put warning sites on the browser for the severity of abuse, likelihood, and mount, no feedback *yet*. Estimated to affect 75,000 Children / Year*
    {*[Worldwide] These tasks were recommended to me from someone near CEO at a facility indicating see what you can do.}. Also passed on idea of rating authority on top of HTTP protocol as a more complex system so there was a simple and complex option.

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