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    by raytucker ·

    I would like to secure my 12 year old from web sites. I have a home network xp Pro, and I tried putting in the restricted sites in my router. That doesn’t seem to be the best idea?

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      by drive guy ·

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      If you are using IE as your browser, you can enable the content advisor under tools – Internet options – content. You can then set different levels of restriction on Language, nudity, sex, and violence, if you choose to go this route I would suggest a supervisor password.
      I can see where putting in individual sites in a router would certainly be a time consuming, if not hopeless, task.

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      by garret` ·

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      You could try editing the ‘hosts’ file if it’s only a few sites.


      Open it in notepad.
      Add lines that resolve websites to your localhost

      Furthermore, search google for comprehensive hosts files that others have compiled and pput on the web. These files block sites that contain malware and spyware. Worth a look. Good luck.

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      While both of the above answers will offer some help there is [b]No Substitute[/b] for supervision! A computer isn’t a unpaid baby Sitter and opens children up to an entire world of possible [b]HURT[/b] so you need to supervise any Internet usage.

      Even something that may look Innocent can be potentially dangerous I recently had my 9 year old nephew show me one of his favourite game sites where he plays On Line with his friends which sounds OK till you actually look at the site and see that there is a [b]Chat Room[/b] included for the various participants to talk to each other and do whatever it is that they like. As this site is age grouped it’s possible to have predators lurking on this site who’s sole aim is to mislead children into doing things that place them in [b]Harms Way![/b]

      Even if you do manage to limit the sites that your 12 year old can see there is still no guarantee that they will not see content that you don’t want them to see and it’s even more likely that they will become involved in some of the current generation of [b]Chat Rooms[/b] that [b]Is Not Desirable.[/b]

      There are so many stories of children being lured away while playing on a computer through people that they meet in places like this that’s it’s not funny and if you ever get he children back they come back damaged and they are the [b]Lucky Ones![/b]


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      by dumphrey ·

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      Check and see if your ISP offers any proxy software. Where I live, the Cable provider has re-branded a popular net-filter and offers it free to subscribers. It’s not the best, but its better then nothing. Most of what I know is for Linux systems, but check this out, It may help.

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      by robo_dev ·

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      For my deviants I implemented an AllegroSurf Proxy server. It cost me $60 for a 3-user license. I put in on an older PC with two NICs running WinXP. This box sits between my home firewall and the ‘kids’ network at home.

      With AllegroSurf you can create a ‘white list’ (approved sites list) with NO exceptions. The proxy does DNS, DHC, etc for the client PCs as well as cacheing and can log EVERYTHING if you want. I split my net into a ‘kids side’ and a ‘adults side’. You can also make it do content filtering (blacklist), where it has very very robust features. (I like the whitelist idea since my kids are younger and I tend to err on the side of caution).

      I chased-my-tail and tried just about every filtering, restriction, monitoring software out there, but the rugrats kept getting around it, or it would block normal stuff and require lots of PC tech support. With a proxy, you have one whitelist for all kids PCs. Depending on how you design the network, you do have to lockdown the PC browser to use the proxy, but that’s it for the end user PCs.

      There are some other Windows products I evaluated, but none seemed to work all that well. I looked at Squid, and open source LINUX proxy solution which is very powerful, but I am lazy and addicted to the XP user interface.

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