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Protesting Microsoft Support Charge

By dave ·
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Looking for your support fellow TechRepublic members.... here is the story.....
Dear MS Tech :
I thank you for the project Scope. I also thank you for your professional work and manner.
I am however, going to disagree with the Scope of work.
When I placed the support call initially my statement was that our backups are failing and I suspect it is due to low disk space.

I am also going to dispute the $333.19 fee for tech support services.
Please know... This dispute is in no way a reflection on your fine work. You were absolutely excellent to deal with and I look forward to working with you further to the successful resolution of this case.

My dispute is a reflection of Microsoft Policy.

This SBS 2008 Server is approaching the 5 to 6 year old mark. It is still under warranty with HP as we purchased extended warranty.

As you can see from my analysis. Both the C: and D : Drives were running at less than 10 percent.
When you analyze exactly WHAT is taking up the disk space here were my findings:

Drive C: is a 58 GIG Partition.
An almost 60GIG partition for a small business should be PLENTY of space for Microsoft OS and Applications.
My findings revealed that MICROSOFT folders were taking up 79.5% of avail C: disk space.

This is NOT the fault of the client…. Nor is it MY fault (The one who paid the $333.19 charge)
This is CLEARLY a picture of Microsoft’s BLOATED file system practices.
Microsoft needs to find ways to “skinny” up its HEAVY disk use.

A 25.3 GB Windows folder? …. REALLY? I mean REALLY?
There is almost HALF the partition gone on the Windows folder alone.

Please find below the rest of my analysis and you will see that the DATA HOG is not ME or our CUSTOMER.
The CAUSE of this low disk space issue is clearly a MICROSOFT issue.

Drive C: 58 Gig Total

Program Files (x86)
microsoft ForeFront 1.43 Gig
Microsoft SQL Server 10.4 Gig

Program Files
Microsoft Small Business Server 2.24 Gig

C Windows 25.3 Gig

C:\ProgramData 6.6GB The culprit Folder inside of this folder? MICROSOFT

Total Disk Space consumed by Microsoft 46.1 Gig
79.5% of a 58Gig partition is consumed by Microsoft.

I would like to add that the tech, did assist us in freeing up some of this disk space and I thank you for this fine work.
We now have a bit more space on C: and drive….

I am disputing the $333.19 charge on my credit card as none of this “stuff” that was at the root of the low disk space was caused by ME or our CUSTOMER.

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But the terms of Use that was agreed to before the OS was working

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Protesting Microsoft Supp ...

Clearly says that Microsoft makes no warranty as to how this piece of Software will work. It also says something about using it at your own risk so I would imagine that is their Escape Clause that makes them think it's quite OK to charge you for this.


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