Protocol mismatch in MySQL 4.1

By BoghosKupelian ·
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My colleague asked me to connect to his remote MySQL database and check smth in it while he is off the office on a vacation. But i cannot even connect to it. Everytime i get an error: Error No. 2007 Protocol mismatch, Server Version = 9 Client Version = 10
I am quite sure the problem is in the different version of MySQL, but i have no possibility now to change the version. Even if i decide to do that, it is not going to be a quick process. What else can i do?

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HTTP tunneling can help

by OozeCyclops In reply to Protocol mismatch in MySQ ...

The newer builds of PHP have troubles to connect to older versions of MySql. Even if they did, the returned results would not be in the format expected by SQLyog. Well, if I were you I would use HTTP tunneling. It might help in issue. If not, then I am afraid only a third-party can save the situation. Some can be more or less powerful. I recommend you Recovery Toolbox for MySQL. This is a good one, it helped me once and i hope it will help in your case

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