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By ggentry ·
Can anyone tell me where I can learn about providing IT services via a contract. (Simply, I want to offer IT services to companies providing them with basic preventive care and a contract hourly rate for repairs.)
How much to charge per pc guidelines would be helpful. The actual contract. Any thing that could help me . Thanks

G. Gentry

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TR has some Service Agreements available as White Papers

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Providing Contract Suppor ...

As for Hourly rates you'll need to see what others are charging and if it's actually worth your while as you need to carry insurance when you go out On Site against any damage you may cause and what other Legal Obligations apply in your area.

As for Service Contracts these are a bit of a mixed bag as you can end up spending a lot of time doing what is considered as Routine Maintenance if you are not careful. You need to look at the setup that is in place and try to work out how much time will be required to keep the system running and much more importantly how it's been maintained previously. Most of the people who work at these places will have no idea or will know but not think that something is important. Like at the beginning of the year I replaced a server and took about 3 days to get it working with the existing Domain because the Owner had set Static IP Address and a Sub Net way outside the normal Addresses so it took forever to find out what he had done.

When told what was causing the problem his reply was Yes I know that but it's not important is it?


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Thanks Hal

by ggentry In reply to TR has some Service Agree ...

Thanks Hal,

I can relate a little to your 36 hour thing. I have been there and with the same mentality response.

I have to do something to generate steady income and thought that service contracts may be the way to go.

I am in a textile area which is in a small town and we have lost 5500 jobs. I'm really feeling the pinch.

Thanks again,

Geoff Gentry

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