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    proxy client


    by david shang ·

    after Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 installed, proxy clients access to internet pass through proxy server is slower than direct access to internet, how can I solve this problem ?

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      proxy client

      by otto3 ·

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      No firewall can match the speed of the direct Internet connection. That includes routers, application proxies, and stateful inspections of packets. All of them has an additional overhead, which slows down the connections. However, the performance drop isn’t that large and MS Proxy 2.0 is one of the fastest proxy server, if configured properly.
      Enable active cashing for the “web proxy” and configure the browsers to use the web proxy instead of the winsock proxy. Depending on your internal network settings, you could disable access control, if all of the users have full access. That would eliminate the authentication overhead involved with the proxy server. You could still control access by fine tuning the LAT. Nonetheless, it has some security implications, which you’d need to decide if it is worth for.


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