proxy downloads dont work

By wolfie152 ·
when downloading through a proxy server the download gets to about 71-79 percent then cancels

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Does this

by mamies In reply to proxy downloads dont work

Does this happen with all downloads or just one in particular. Do you also have admin access to this proxy server.

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web proxy

by wolfie152 In reply to Does this

i used a proxy bypass site
to bypass the proxy to get my file
it just does it to any file above 50mb

the file i really want to get is about 110mb

i cant get it without a proy because i am using a school issued laptop which is the only internet access i have

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Check proxy terms of use.

by seanferd In reply to web proxy

You may not be able to download more than 50Mb

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This kid is trying to

by Jacky Howe In reply to Check proxy terms of use.

circumvent a shool systems notebook.

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by wolfie152 In reply to Check proxy terms of use.

download limit is unlimited

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Anything impossible is 'unlimited' kid ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to unlimited

I'm afraid you cannot simply 'change' the problem, hoping that the original symptoms will go away.

There is clearly an underlying reason for your proxy failures - the previously posted security settings on the school laptop.

If I might offer you a rather obvious alternative: you cannot possibly be the only kid at your school using one of their laptops to play GTA3.

Have you inquired if any of your pals have got the installer for the MOD? :)

Or maybe try writing a Pretty Please letter to your local Library, asking for computer access to your site of choice using a Publicly available computer.

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by rahul_rr In reply to proxy downloads dont work
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wont load pages

by wolfie152 In reply to try

i try using toonel but it wont load any web pages
i set everything up how it told me to

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