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    Proxy LAT


    by david shang ·

    by default, the MS Proxy will set the IP range: to in LAT, that mean I can use 65536 IPs for private network, how can I contol the number of IP can be used, for example: only between to (total 101 IPs)can be used.
    I tried to change LAT from to, but I still can access to web from proxy client even I set the client’s IP to

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      Proxy LAT

      by pints ·

      In reply to Proxy LAT

      I think you may have a subnet problem.

      Try setting up the Proxy IP address range to to subnet mask as make the Proxy servers ip address on the LAN as one of the IP addresses in this range and then set up the client system as another ip address in the range.
      Make your subnet on both systems as This should mean that any system in the class C network can use this system. No other system should be able to acces it as the subnet masks dont allow this.

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