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    Proxy Server 2.0


    by mndthegap1 ·

    I am trying to install proxy server 2.0 on my network. I have it set up but when anyone atempts to access the internet the proxy server is asking for their sign on informtion, even after they have allready signed onto the network. How do i change the proxy settings to allow anyone to access the net without having to re-enter ther login information?????

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      Proxy Server 2.0

      by dc1 ·

      In reply to Proxy Server 2.0

      Verify that anonymous access is granted in the www service and the winsock service

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      Proxy Server 2.0

      by curlergirl ·

      In reply to Proxy Server 2.0

      Open up the Proxy Management Console, right click on Web Proxy and go to properties. Click on the Permissions tab and DISABLE Access Control (remove the checkmark). This will allow everyone to access the Internet without regard to their network logon permissions. Conversely, if you WANT to enable access control, you probably need to install the Proxy Server Service Pack – SP1. Access control has some bugs in it that are fixed by this service pack. Hope this helps!

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      Proxy Server 2.0

      by corky132 ·

      In reply to Proxy Server 2.0

      If your users are using Internet Explorer, you can use NT Challange/Response authentication, instead of anonymous. This way, your Proxy logs will contain the username, not just “anonymous”.. (it may be important later, if you want to monitor someone’s access).

      Users will not be prompted to sign in again if you use NT Challenge Response. You’ll need to set it up on the default website for the proxy.

      Hope this helps.

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      Proxy Server 2.0

      by phinaddict ·

      In reply to Proxy Server 2.0

      The problem is your permissions that are set in IIS. If you don’t want your users to have to log on when they browse the inter/intra net you will need to grant anonymous access on your default web site. If your users use IE instead then all you would need is Challenge and Response. On your other websites you can have permissions set as needed.

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      Proxy Server 2.0

      by nrodriguez ·

      In reply to Proxy Server 2.0

      turn user logging off in IIS 4.0 MCC under properties of WinProxy.

      also make sure the proxy server belongs to the same domain as the users. Otherwise it will always ask anyway.

      also install the web proxy client software. When you install Webproxy it made a share folder called mspclnt. the setup file is in there. run that on each machine and you should have any problems with ports and stuff.

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