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    Proxy Server


    by david shang ·

    After Proxy Server installed, the users that outside proxy can not access printer that located inside proxy, how can I solve this problem ?

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      Proxy Server

      by ddavid ·

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      You didn’t mention several pieces of critical information. Taking for granted the printers are networked. 1. What protocol the printers are using. What spooler you are using. What type of clients (os) are trying to use them. Physical proximity of users to printer. I will take the assumptions as follows: TCPIP, Win Nt or other LPR, client doesn’t really matter that much. You could allow port forwarding from the Proxy server to the spooler of the printer. Or setup a VPN for the remote users. The easiest to setup is the port forwarding. If your proxy server can’t handle it you could look into a linux based NAT/Proxy firewall. A great example can be found at Linux Router Project. Concise, fast, and cleanfirewall that will work on almost any hardware.

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