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    Proxy Server and IIS


    by david shang ·

    I installed Proxy Server wiht IIS, but I can not access my web server from outside world, how can I setup that we can pass Proxy Server to reach Web Server?

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      Proxy Server and IIS

      by andrea ·

      In reply to Proxy Server and IIS

      I run a similar configuration and had this problem. Installing MS Proxy on a machine that runs IIS will, by default, place your website on the wrong side of the proxy server (“intranet” configuration).

      There are two basic things to check:

      If you’re running a “virtual” TCP/IP network internally (ie 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x), then ensure that your web site is bound to an externally-visible address by checking its properties in the IIS Admin tool.

      2) Also in the IIS Admin Tool (using the MS Management Console from Option Pack 4), look through your website’s plug-in tree for a module called “Proxy Filter.” This is the one that’s hiding your website from the outside world. Disable this plug-in, and it’ll make your site visible from outside again.

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      Proxy Server and IIS

      by dhills ·

      In reply to Proxy Server and IIS

      Go to Web proxy in the MMC and right click to get properties>Publishing tab. Be sure that Enable web publishing is checked and select the “send to another web server” is selected. Type in the correct UNC path to the directory of your home page.

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