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    Proxy Server Incomming e-mail


    by dcobb ·

    Outgoing mail on proxy server works. The incomming e-mail does not get to the Exchange server v5.5. The Exchange server is installed on the same machine as proxy server. I have setup custom filters on smtp, pop3 ientd, however, I cannot find the setup for ldap.
    The IP of the e-mail server is on the NIC that sees the internet router. It’s Gateway is the router. This is attached to the isp’s router. The internal network is running non routable ips. The internal NIC has a non routable classC and subnet IP with no Gateway.

    All systems on the network can browse the internet and send e-mail.

    Other than LDAP, what am I missing?


    Dave C

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      Proxy Server Incomming e-mail

      by antony_k ·

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      You have to setup mapping on your proxy server for incoming packets destined for your email server as follows:

      internet address of your proxy:
      local address of your email server:

      all packets destined for must be forwarded to
      Of course you must have an MX-record in DNS for

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      Proxy Server Incomming e-mail

      by dcobb ·

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