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Proxy server problems on NT

By jcb ·
Sorry for the length, but I am running out of
options on this.

I have a DEC Alpha that runs our Heidelberg
RIP software for our 4 color
Heidelberg press. We have a partial T1 that is
hooked up to the network
that is routed through our firewall (SonicWall
system). TCP/IP is manually
set for the DEC Alpha, which is running
Windows NT Server, service pack 5
and I can tracert and ping with a DOS
interface, so I know the connection
to the T1 works from the DEC Alpha.

The desired result:
To install the defrag software "Diskeeper
Server 6.0" to get a defrag utility
on this NT system as it currently has none.

The problem:
The install wants to have IE 4.x or better upon
installation (components of
IE are used by Diskeeper).

IE is not loaded on the NT box. The install
attempts to launch an installer
to load IE and fails.

I downloaded the only installer
that supports the DEC Alpha, IE 5 (Windows
NT 4.0 Alpha). (I tried all the
other versions higher than this, to no avail.)
Placed the installer on the
NT box, then ran the installer.

Upon installation, it throws an error when it is
looking for available sites
to download from:

"Setup was unable to download information
about available
installation sites.

Setup may not have been able to use your
current proxy server settings.
Click advanced if you know your proxy

Upon clicking the "Advanced" it wants:

connect using a proxy server

Port:Is this asking for the address of the firewall?
address of the router?
If so, what number do I plug in for the port?

I have access to all the configuration settings
and numbers, WAN, LAN, etc.
What am I supposed to plug in as the address
and port when it asks for
a "proxy server"?


do you have another way to get IE on the NT
box so I can install the
defrag software?

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Proxy server problems on NT

by /dev/null In reply to Proxy server problems on ...

First of all, I believe IE3 should be installed by default on NT4. See if you can use it to browse out to the web (try If you can browse the web and if you didn't specify a proxy in the 'Internet options' section of IE, then you won't need to plug in a proxy address or port number for IE 5's setup app.

I've seen the same message: "Setup was unable to download information about available installation sites." on other NT4 systems I've used. There are a number of reasons whyyou might receive this message: corrupted dll files, invalid registry settings, etc. The Microsoft kb article 189679 ( ) points out several resolutions.

In my specific cases I had to use resolution step number 5: "If they exist, rename the following files in the Windows\System (or Winnt\System32 for Windows NT) folder to an .old file extension:

Good luck!

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Proxy server problems on NT

by jcb In reply to Proxy server problems on ...

I have IE 2.0 and it doesn't see the internet via our
networked partial T1. It DOES see the network however.
Found only 3/4 of the .dll files listed and upon removal
did not resolve the issue.

Thanks for the information though!!

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Proxy server problems on NT

by DaBird In reply to Proxy server problems on ...

this was copied from it works great -
"Yes! First, download the IE6 SP1 setup program from ERLINK "" \t "_blank" HERE (500kb basic setup program. The full IE package might go as high as ~44mb depending upon your selection).Go to the folder where you've placed the above file. Open a Command Prompt (CMD) in that folder, then run the following command in the CMD window:ie6setup.exe /c:"ie6wzd.exe /d /s:""#E"""Note: Just copy and paste the above line. Don't try to be a wise guy. Copy the damn line! I've received quite a few feedbacks about the accuracy of this tip, and always they got the syntax wrong. Copy and bloody paste! Oh, and yes, this tip works for IE 6 SP1 too.It will let you customize the d/l parameters.BTW, this tip also works for IE 5 and IE 5.5. Just replace the "6" in the previous line with a "5".You can also choose to download all IE versions inone go. For example, if you choose to download the version for Win9X, the version for NT, the version for W2K, and the version for Win ME - all the files will go to one location - a folder named "Windows Update Setup Files" - and you can then burn this folder to a CD and use it to install IE on any OS version you want."

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Proxy server problems on NT

by jcb In reply to Proxy server problems on ...

Problem is not the installer. I have a installer (IE version 5
for the DEC Alpha) that does work (all others don't BTW),
but during the installation the proxy message comes up
and I don't know what information it needs when it asks for
a proxy server and port #.

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