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    Proxy structure


    by david shang ·

    does anyone know the proxy structure ?
    the following is my guess:
    Internet > Router > Hub > (NIC1)Proxy Server(NIC2) > another Hub > to all other servers (Mail, SQL, FTP…), and the Web Site in Proxy Server can not be access from outside proxy, is that right ?

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      Proxy structure

      by timber ·

      In reply to Proxy structure

      I run Proxy Server 2.0 at home and this is my setup:
      internet — nic1 Proxy Server nic2 — internal Network.

      I run IIS 4.0 on the proxy server and can access my Web Pages and my FTP Server through the internet.

      I hope that helps…
      If it’snot what your looking for e-mail me.

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      Proxy structure

      by kevin brown ·

      In reply to Proxy structure

      You can have your web site running from any server on you network and have it be accessed from the internet. It only takes a couple of settings on the proxy server to pass the request tough.

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