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    Proxy / Web access


    by david shang ·

    I installed 2 NIC in server, and I can access to Web use Nescape Navigator (no proxy setting) but not Internet Explorer (with proxy setting) from proxy client, does anybody know what’s going on ?


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      Proxy / Web access

      by amieveryours ·

      In reply to Proxy / Web access

      make sure that the parameter for the proxy server is //proxyservername or //proxyserverIPaddress, when client software is intalled, it usually includes http://proxyservername or ip address which internet explorer will look for the homepage of that server instead of using it as a proxy.

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      Proxy / Web access

      by ziggy ·

      In reply to Proxy / Web access

      Did you install the proxy client? What kind of client are you trying to setup?? Win9x, WinNT, Win2000? I’m going to guess Win9x. Try this:
      Go to http://proxysrevernameoripaddress/msproxy .
      You can install the client from there. This will configure your system.

      Can’t really help without more info…

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      Proxy / Web access

      by corky132 ·

      In reply to Proxy / Web access

      IE uses the “web proxy service” and everything else (Netscape, Internet mail, FTP, etc) uses the “winsock proxy service”. You’ll need to use the IP or proxy name in the proxy setup of IE.

      On the server, go into the web proxy service and make sureyou have rights to get thru. Otherwise, you should be good to go.

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      Proxy / Web access

      by timber ·

      In reply to Proxy / Web access

      If you do have Proxy client installed and have checked your IE settings as described above.
      Go to Control Panel WSP Client Click Update
      This will refresh your Proxy client.

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