Prtable CD to old stereo radio receiver

By Onkel Gunnar ·
I am figurin' on connecting a homemade cable from the earphone connection of my portable (dragable) CD-player to the line input of the mississ'es old HiFI stereo amplifyer.

Any Caveats or things I should bera in mind?

Thanks in advane and thumbs.


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This should be a straight 3.5 MM Stereo Lead

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Prtable CD to old stereo ...

They should be available in any Audio Store.

If you require a different adapter at the Receiver end there are a series of Adapters available to turn a 3.5 MM Jack into whatever is required. But this lead consists of 3 wires a Left, Right and Neutral.


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Yes , two RCA plugs (japan plugs?) would be fine

by Onkel Gunnar In reply to This should be a straight ...

Thats nice. i was thinking of having the cable made especially for me.

I guess differance in impedance can be overcome . 32 0hm vs. 100 kohm 0.7 volt


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by Jacky Howe In reply to Prtable CD to old stereo ...

OH Smeg has suggested it is a lot easier these days to pick up a 3.5 mm Stereo Lead from an Electronics Store. All made up and ready to go.

On another note this is what I use to record my Vinyl Records. I did a Google in your area but I didn't come up with a match. While you are at the Store getting your lead you could ask about this. It was less than $100 AUS and good value for the price.

Optimus LAB-1100 TurnTable

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Mighty thanks

by Onkel Gunnar In reply to As

ALSO Clas Ohlson has a turntable with USB connection for 1000 SEK.

Would that eliminate need for preamp and soundcard?

i have not checked the details yet.

also i have to clear out the room where ill put the old p2 PC.

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The USB Turntables

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Mighty thanks

Don't require anything other than a USB Socket so there is no need for a Pre Amp or Main Amp to boost the Signal or any specialist Audio Capture Card which there where several made a while ago.

You would still naturally still require a Sound Card in the computer to playback anything that is saved tot he HDD but otherwise no other Hardware is required.

As I'm lazy and have the hardware here already I use a decent Turntable with a Moving Magnet Pickup feeding a Pre Amp then an Amp with a RCA Plugs on it and feed this straight into a 3.5 mm Jack into the Line In on the Sound Card.

Now all I really need is the time to copy all of my Vinyl over to Digital Format. Hopefully I'll get some soon but as things presently stand they will have remastered and released all of my vinyl on CD before I get seriously started in saving my Vinyl.


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I've started

by Jacky Howe In reply to The USB Turntables

but I keep getting interrupted and it is very time consuming. A few people have asked me to do their copying for them but I've politly declined. I did offer to let them use my equipment but so far I've had no takers.
You are right though. By the time I get through mine I could probably pick up a CD with it already remasterd.
I have been using Steinberg Clean V.5 to repair some of them.

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Well I've got as Far as converting the Tracks that are Absolutely required

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I've started

And then got interrupted so I have so far escaped the tedious time required to convert all of my Records.

I spent a couple of Days just after the move Ripping all of the CD's to MP3 and I now have well over 100 GIG of MP3 Files stored on the system. Somehow I don't think that they will all fit on 4 GIG MP3 Player.

I got a customers system in recently and they had a problem with I Tunes which I had to fix and when I got it running it showed 385 Days of Playing Time on their Library. Somehow I don't think that it would all be listened to either.

I am however sure that if I was to use I Tunes mine would be measured in Decades not years and that is without the Vinyl or Open Reel Tape.


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I've moved on

by Jacky Howe In reply to Well I've got as Far as c ...

from Open Reel. I don't even own one anymore. Brings back memories though. Every move that I had I threatened to get rid of it as the cabinet that it was in weighed a ton. My OH's uncle built the cabinet when he was in Darwin so it travelled around a bit.

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Do the other way round

by Onkel Gunnar In reply to I've started

Give thorugh instructions to yor neighbors technically and musically interested kid or your niece or her cousin, whoever.

do it together first an ten let him take over.

treat him as a guest, give him dinner and afters.

don't offer no money, but let him keep whatever music he likes. if he does'nt dig your music at all, just ask abot his/her friends


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RE: but let him keep whatever music he likes

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Do the other way round

You are of course aware that would be Illegal are you not?

While here you are entitled to make copies of the Vinyl that you own for your own personal use it is a straight Breach making copies for others or allowing others to make copies of your propriety.

Technically even paying someone else not directly part of your Family is a Breach of Copyrighter unless they have written Authority from the Copyright Holder who in this case would be the Individual Record Companies who's Disc's you have purchased.


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