PS/2 mouse not detected on Dell Optiplex 320 & 740 models

By rajiv_kothale ·
When i connect a PS/2 mouse on PS/2 port & boot the machine, nothing appears on the screen & it remains blank. When i boot the machine without connecting PS/2 mouse, it boots up properly but the mouse is not detected even after connecting it to PS/2 port.

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re PS2 mouse

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to PS/2 mouse not detected o ...

Maybe the mouse has passed to another realm (it's dead). Try another one. If that doesn't work, the PS2 port is dead and nothing can fix that. While it's not impossible, I highly doubt that the PS2 ports on TWO computers went out at the same time. But, if you've been plugging in the PS2 mouse while the computer is running instead of shutting it down first, you may have fried the connectors on either the motherboard OR the mouse, or both.

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You're not by any chance 'colour blind' are you ...?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to PS/2 mouse not detected o ...

Just a thought.

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Lordy!!!! Do you remember?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to You're not by any chance ...

Geeze, that brought back memories! In the old days, how many times did we plug the mouse into the KB hole and vice versa because we couldn't see the mouse/kb impressions on that tiny strip of metal around them and plugs were not color coded?

Been there, done that.... HUNDREDS of times!

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Give that man a very old Coconut !!! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Lordy!!!! Do you remembe ...

It sort of makes you a member of a very selective Private Members Club!

Only old fogies, with battered kneecaps, slashed and scarred hands, aching back muscles, and fond memories of bygone days would have spotted my cryptic clue.

Give that man another worthless coconut!

Why in the **** did motherboard manufacturers insist on placing the 2 sockets SIDE BY SIDE?

I swear the mobo's were made by masochists!

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by Bizzo In reply to Give that man a very old ...

I preferred it when the keyboards had the 5pin AT plugs and the mice came with a 9pin serial d-type plug. No confusion there.

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Well... you'd think so but I once saw a user with a BIG problem...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Confusing

When he'd connected his 9pin serial D-type mouse into the LaserWav expansion soundcard while the system was hot. That port was for a digital joystick.

The mouse was fried and the soundcard wasn't far behind.

Just goes to show, where there's a commonality - there's a potential problem, just waiting to happen.

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