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PS/2 nor USB Mouse not recognized HELP

By matt_cicuttini ·
Windows Vista Home Basic.

Okay i now have maybe 3-4 mice around me right now. 1 USB optical, 2 PS/2 ball and 1 PS/2 optical....and none work so its not the mouse. I have function of my keyboard and can navigate using arrows and tab but my mouse does not work.

When i go to Control Panel>Device Manager there is simply no should be under keyboard but instead it skips to modem.

any ideas? a couple things you should know..

1) this problem occured during a thunderstorm
2) there was a power surge followed by a small power-outage
3) i received a shock through the mouse

please be specific and if you know what the problem is...can you tell me if i can fix it or if i have to take it in to a shop of some sort.

thank you

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Take it to the shop......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to PS/2 nor USB Mouse not r ...

The power surge and subsequent shock through the mouse has fried something, probably on the motherboard. If you're not up to changing out a motherboard yourself, you're going to need professional help.

While you're at the shop, purchase a good UPS. Sounds as if you need one.

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by TheChas In reply to PS/2 nor USB Mouse not r ...

While I suspect that your motherboard was damaged by the power surge, I can't explain while you can still boot and the keyboard works.

Was it a USB or PS/2 mouse that was connected when the power surge happened?

What port is the keyboard connected to?

While I am having problems making a case for this, one idea would be to enter BIOS setup and make sure that the mouse is not disabled.


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re: Can't explain it...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Motherboard

I couldn't begin to explain it either. But, I've seen surges through the phone line actually melt/weld the add-on modem card TO the motherboard, and the silly thing still booted. It shouldn't have been able to, but it did. Go figure, huh?

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Take it to a shop as the really concerning bit is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to PS/2 nor USB Mouse not r ...

3) i received a shock through the mouse

If you have Electrical Insurance on the dwelling where the computer was during the Thunder Storm contact the Insurance Company to see if they will cover the cost of Repairs to the computer.


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