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PS/2 -> USB adapter for Swipe card

By woutiger ·
I'm looking for a solution to an in-place infrastructure. We have a system of swipe card readers to read the magnetic strip on ID cards, and the current readers we have are connected by PS/2.

The new computers being purchased do not always have a PS/2 port, and we have not been able to find an adapter which will allow the input to happen. Currently the ones I have tested allow power to feed to the card reader, it will swipe, but then it just sits there forever until it finally times out and resets, but no input hits the screen, or it inputs the information incorrectly (omitting some characters or inputing random characters that are not in the card). The adapters work, I can get the adapter to provide input on a keyboard, it is just the swipe-card input from the reader.

The reader is an IDTech MiniMag IDT3331-33, tracks 1, 2, & 3.

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Your swipe card reader isn't like a PS/2 keyboard

by Why Me Worry? In reply to PS/2 -> USB adapter for S ...

If it was specifically designed for PS/2, then don't assume it will work with a USB to PS/2 dongle converter like a regular keyboard does. You may just have to get a new reader with a native USB connector, or get a proper converter from the reader manufacturer if they have one.

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I understand the difference...

by woutiger In reply to Your swipe card reader is ...

I understand the difference which is why I was posting here to see if others had come across a similar situation.

I will check in with the hardware vendor and see if they have a suggestion.

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Most PS/2 to USB keyboard adaptors only do half of the protocol

by jzidi In reply to I understand the differen ...

I have personally tested about a dozen PS/2 to USB keyboard adapters, and have found that only a couple of them even attempted to implement the entire PS/2 keyboard protocol as specified by IBM. Of the adapters that did work, they were extremely slow in output. The reason your card reader is not working properly is because your USB adapter is not intelligent enough to tell your card reader to stop transmitting when the USB adapter's buffer is full - that's how you are dropping characters. Your adapter may work just fine with you pecking on keyboard, but cannot handle "high speed" keyboard output like a card swipe sends.

ID Innovations developed a PS/2 to USB keyboard adapter (USB-UA-001) specifically targeting this issue. The adapter implements the entire PS/2 keyboard protocol, and has optimized the output speed to the USB port. This adapter will work with ANY device that has PS/2 keyboard output...problem solved!

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