PS2 Battlefield 2 Modern Combat server stopped working about a week ago

By j.barton19831 ·
09/18/08 I have no idea why, but the BF@ modern combat server (PS2) server hasn't worked in about a week, simply, when searching for a game, games are listed, but empty (0/24), and if you try to log into a game, a window pops up that says, "The BF2: MC server is not available at this time. Please try again later." Does anyone have a clue, has the on-line game been discontinued?

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Maybe not the best forum?

by JamesRL In reply to PS2 Battlefield 2 Modern ...

While some of us are gamers here, we mostly are PC gamers. Some here have exposure to consoles.

There may be other sites that have more information than here.

I'm a big BF2 PC player by the way.


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Great Game.... :)

by ---TK--- In reply to Maybe not the best forum?

I love that game. On PC... I have noticed in the past week or so, the server list has diminished quite a bit... maybe the two are related, or maybe not. I have not really looked into the issue to be honest... I keep wondering when they are going to make cross platform gaming available...

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There is a problem

by JamesRL In reply to Great Game.... :)

Our clan's server is not showing up on the list, but it is up and running.


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Server Battlefield2 Modern Combat down and up again

by jvanthull In reply to There is a problem

I asked EA games in The Netherlands about the problems with the server. They told me that the server will be active again at monday september 22 or tuesday september 23.

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