PSON signal to power supply unstable

By rkier@home ·
I am working on an e-machine T2682 that turns on but on turn off, the computer cannot be turned back on again without completely removing power first. On turn off, the power indication light on the front of the machine blinks. The PSON line to the power supply seems to be unstable on power down, either by front switch or by software shutdown. Symptoms are the same with a replaced power supply.

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eMachine PS

by Paul D. Masley In reply to PSON signal to power supp ...

rkier, before you do any major disassembly, see if you can boot the machine to safe mode. If you can, disable the hibernate mode. I have 10 eMachines (intel based) in my office. Two did what you are describing. Also, a couple of other things. If that unit is factory fresh, it only has 256 megs of memory. XP likes 512, but loves 1 gig. An upgrade to XP Pro will make it sing.

I have two 3985's that I use as servers and a 2984 as my desktop unit.

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A new power supply

by Jesus_C In reply to PSON signal to power supp ...

Sounds like a damaged power supply.

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I agree with Jesus_C

by kpak44wh In reply to A new power supply

Rule of thumb, first check ac outlet for current, and then
check power supply. I don't think that it's a regular atx
supply, you may have to get one from it's website. I have
alot of emachines **** their power supply, so it's really
biggi. You have to put the exact type of power supply in
the emachine, that's probably why it won't boot with the
second ps. Another thing, are the white connectors to the
ps on the board, do they look burnt. If nothing else
works, try replacing the motherboard, if you have a weak
or broken connection on the board, once it warms up it , it
loses connection and shuts down. good luck

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