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    psu, cpu, mobo


    by systemcheck ·

    one of these is broken had pc for about 3 1/2 years then starting early last week it started to freeze up on me. Then it became more reoccuring so i reinstalled the OS to no prevail. Thats when i noticed the heat, mobo gets to about 120 F, cpu 141 F, gpu 161 F this is with the new cpu fan running at 2000rpm. Without the new cpu fan (the old one in place) the mobo is 130 F, cpu 170 F, gpu 161 F, that is when is freezes on me. From the test i was able to do the ram is good and the gpu is good. Last nite inserted a different psu but test was inconclusive due to the fact my boot files went missing but still powered on my no fans then (bad psu idk). I think it may be the psu, cpu, (hopefully not) the mobo. What is broken?

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      by systemcheck ·

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      That’s a wee bit warm

      by cmiller5400 ·

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      The CPU is probably overheating at 170F. What CPU is this? It really depends on the make/model for accurate temp thresholds.

      I’d be making sure that you have proper airflow in the case (pull in air in the front and push it out the back) some of the fans may be backwards creating a wrong airflow pattern. Also make sure that you have proper coverage on the CPU/heatsink of thermal paste. Too much is bad and too little is bad.

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        cpu type

        by systemcheck ·

        In reply to That’s a wee bit warm

        its the intel e6850 (core 2 duo 3.0 3mb)

        dont believe its the airflow was running fine for like 2 years in its previous state just turning on facebook increase cpu temp 20 F.

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          Way too hot for operating temps

          by cmiller5400 ·

          In reply to cpu type

          See the link at the bottom, the operating temp is 41F – 161F. I’d replace the stock heat sink with a more “souped” up one. I saw on a quick Google search that the stock heat sink wasn’t sufficient in the posters opinion.

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          sorry to tell you

          by systemcheck ·

          In reply to Way too hot for operating temps

          but these number are with an aftermarket, solid coper heatsink and yes i have applied the thermal paste on correctly and reapplied it correctly (pea size).
          also just got phone call that my hdd is acting up now might be from heat dont know.

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          Don’t know if i mentioned it but

          by cmiller5400 ·

          In reply to sorry to tell you

          Have you double checked to make sure that the fans are running in the right direction and didn’t accidentally get reversed?

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          its possible

          by systemcheck ·

          In reply to Don’t know if i mentioned it but

          got two case exhaust(top of case and side of case, one case intake (back of pc) one cpu blowing toward hdd

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      wow – high temps

      by snuffy09 ·

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      have you tried putting a fresh dose of thermal grease on your cpu?

      are all your fans clean and working ok?

      about freezing up, before you said you checked the RAM i would have thought the ram was bad, how did you check the ram? i would swap in a stick that you know works from another system.

      Are there any errors in the event log? you could have a harddrive going bad.

      if your system has been over heating for awhile now without your knowledge you may have a few damaged components. I have seen small form factor towers that got too hot and capacitors burned/exploded leaving a brown liquid behind on the motherboard… lovely!

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        high tems

        by systemcheck ·

        In reply to wow – high temps

        fresh thermal paste have been applied

        pc clean, fans operational

        ram i do have two spare sticks i can use

        nothing in the error log, hdd thought about dont know how to test

        mobo doesn’t look like it blew up

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          by —tk— ·

          In reply to high tems

          you have a nice aftermarket CPU Heatsink…

          Just wondering: do you have speedstep enabled in the bios? also is the CPU fan in the correct slot on the mombo? Sometimes the system will increase/decrease RPM’s based on thermals…

          (edited: I can’t spell today..)

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          cpu fan

          by systemcheck ·

          In reply to plus

          the cpu fan uses molex connector which runs off the side case fan which runs of the secondary dvd burner (rarely used)

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          by —tk— ·

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          I would suggest connecting it to the mother board, so the motherboard can increase/decrease the speed (RPM’s) as needed… Might help…

          All the other fans I do the same, use a Molex, but the CPU fan I always attach to the mombo…

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          to test your harddrive

          by snuffy09 ·

          In reply to high tems

          On the manufactures website they should supply utilities (boot disk(s)) that you can use to test your hard drive.

          Was your system overclocked at all?
          ***If so, could try setting your mobo back to default settings, sounds like everything’s being overworked to produce so much heat.

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          by systemcheck ·

          In reply to to test your harddrive

          there is no overclocking done in fact i have it underclock currently at 1.2v instead of 1.3v

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      Easy Test

      by oldbaritone ·

      In reply to psu, cpu, mobo

      Run it with the covers off for a day or two, with a 10″ or 12″ box fan blowing on it.

      If the problem goes away, your issue is heat related.

      If it comes back when you close the covers, you need more cooling – period.

      CPU at 170 F is 76 C – which exceeds the maximum allowable temperature. Check the specs for your chip, but you’re probably at least 5 C out of spec. That’s just plain too hot. Many chips have internal thermal shutdown.

      You didn’t mention the drive temp, but a WD SATA drive spec is 32 F to 140 F. Again, you’re pushing the limit, and probably exceeding it. When the drive heats up, it stops working.

      One way or the other, it sounds like too much heat, too little cooling. Get bigger fans, or a new high-performance enclosure with more cooling.

      It’s easy to check that, just by opening the box and letting it run cooler. You’ll know before you spend any money.

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        i belive

        by systemcheck ·

        In reply to Easy Test

        if i remember right hdd runs at 108f

        ill try it with the side of the case off and a fan blowing on it, just to remind you this just started happening after 3 1/2 years of running this computer with same spec, then added larger gpu and 8 gb of ram a month ago problem started 1 week ago

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          Just out of curiosity…

          by cmiller5400 ·

          In reply to i belive

          are you running 32 bit or 64 bit?

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          Just out of curiosity…

          by systemcheck ·

          In reply to Just out of curiosity…

          im currently running widows vista 64 home premium

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          108 sounds OK, but

          by oldbaritone ·

          In reply to i belive

          larger gpu and more RAM usually means more heat in the box. Running OK for a short time (3 weeks) and then having strange failures just sounds suspicious.

          Covers-off test is easy, quick and free.

          And it’s conclusive. If the problems come back with covers on, and go away with covers off, it’s heat.

          We haven’t even talked about the other components, but lots of things “go nuts” when they get hot. And many “consumer” chips are “commercial” chips that don’t meet the more rigorous spec.

          You can also try cooling spray, but BE CAREFUL with that stuff. Too much thermal shock and the component could crack.

          Run it for a week with the covers open – if the problem goes away, you’ll know. If not, you’ll know it’s something else.

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          u know

          by systemcheck ·

          In reply to 108 sounds OK, but

          just before i saw this post i was just thinking if it was possible with all the components and hardware that i have in the case in close proximity, i just may need a larger case for better cooling (more fan access or water cooling)

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          there ya go!

          by oldbaritone ·

          In reply to u know


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          by systemcheck ·

          In reply to there ya go!

          i believe we may figured it out, Houston were coming home!

          Now i just got to wait till my taxes come in so i can purchase on along with a new 800w modular psu

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      by systemcheck ·

      In reply to psu, cpu, mobo

      i havent changed anything in pc yet, but now it freezes on me more often and earlier anyone know of a trouble shooting site that i can use at home

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