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PSU go BANG. But was it a coincidence?

By adam ·
Basically I use home network to connect 2 PC's. Mine has Norton Anti Virus and Internet Security on which i have to disable when i want to use the network (I disable them because i can't get the network to work otherwise).
So, i was using the network and then went onto the internet. About 10 minutes in I realised I had not re-enabled the virus protection for the internet. About 2 or 3 seconds after doing this a BANG came from the other room. The PSU on the other PC had burnt out.
Was this a freaky coincidence or has anyone come across something like this before?

Thanks, hope you can help.

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by BFilmFan In reply to PSU go BANG. But was it a ...

It's a coincidence, but send a letter to Fortean Times. Maybe they will print up a report in their Reader Reports section.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to PSU go BANG. But was it a ...

i don't think they have perfected the 'reach out and short out your power supply' trojan yet. stay tuned here and you will hear about it when it happens.
i have surfed without protection for brief periods as you have and lived to tell the tale. i think you are fine. run a virus scan etc etc
go out and see the fall colors. it is beautiful.

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by TheChas In reply to PSU go BANG. But was it a ...

It is a coincidence, but power supplies seldom **** up on their own.

I would spend a little time looking for the cause of the power supply failure.

A recent mains voltage surge could be the culprit.

So could a lot of dust inside the power supply, or a dead cooling fan.

Take a close look at the motherboard and modem for signs of burnt or bulged parts.


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by pablok In reply to PSU go BANG. But was it a ...

def. a coincidence, but i must say... i would have been spooked myself heheheheeheheh, is it by any chance a "DEER" powersupply?

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