By xshuttyx ·
I have just built my first pc - everything was fine - installed windows xp and xp2 - the next day whilst i was using the machine the power just cut off

i have tired rebooting the machine but the led's and fans just switch on for half a second and die!

The motherboard lights are blue and the amber light appears when the power button is pressed but nothing else - the psu displays a red led after i have tried turning the machine indicating a power failure, overvoltage, overcurrent .etc

is it the psu or the motherboard that is failing?

i have setup the parts out of the case to make sure there is no short to the case, i have also tried booting with just the cpu installed and the same thing happens

evga 680i
asus 768mb gtx
coolmaster 700w
4 gb cosair mem

cheers in advance

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There's no easy way to tell....

by robo_dev In reply to PSU OR MOTHERBORAD?

My thought is that since the PSU is showing signs of life, that the mobo has failed.

The best test, obviously, is to try an alternate power supply.

Sorry to hear about your first build gone wrong.

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by xshuttyx In reply to PSU OR MOTHERBORAD?

thsnks for the reply...

how common a faulty products when build your own system?

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thermal paste

by clarkd038 In reply to help

Some times the cause is the processor is overheating, i had that problem a while ago. Did the CPU come with thermal paste already on it? and did the CPU come with a fan already attached to it?

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by xshuttyx In reply to thermal paste

thermal paste already on,and i had to fit the fan myself, what would the signs be if it was the cpu?

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by clarkd038 In reply to yes

If it was the CPU it would boot up, and probably be running for a longer period of time than you are explaining before shutting down. Is it giving any beeps before it is shutting down?

-sorry that you are having trouble on first build

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by xshuttyx In reply to CPU

no beeps

basically i press the power button and the front led's light up for half a second as do all the fans (cpu fan and gfx fan)- then it powers everything off - mobo shows blue and amber led and then the power supply shows the red power failure led - any futher presses of the power button has no effect

thanks for ur time

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i've had similar...

by m61 In reply to -

...symptons to this, and it was the PSU, and as stated above, best way to test is to get an alternate [preferably known good] PSU to test

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by xshuttyx In reply to i've had similar...

i really do hope its ONLY the PSU.

did ur psu take anything else with it

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re: psu

by m61 In reply to i've had similar...

nope, was just the psu, swapped it out for a new one and away i went

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Faulty products are fairly common....

by robo_dev In reply to help

But if you stick to more of the brand names, you will have better luck.

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