PSU Question

By michaeljjt ·
I am using a Hardware sensors monitor to keep track of my MB and CPU etc, due to a recent issue I had with my system overheating...and I noticed another possible problem.

On the voltage reading coming out of my PSU, the +3.3 rail is reading anywhere from +2.89 to +3.04. It rarely gets over that number. And the monitor has a red flag on it. Also, my system is randomly rebooting (And yes, the MB and CPU temps are fine, currently 93.2 F (34.0 C).

How big of an issue is this drop in the +3.3 rail voltage? And could that cause my system to crash? Should I just get a better power supply? Im currently using a 500 Watt Antec SmartPower 2.0, its about 2 years old, maybe a little older.

Thank you


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Probably not the problem

by OH Smeg In reply to PSU Question

Antec units are Rated to a Continuous Power Ratting not a Peek Value and when they work they are fine. When they stop working they are dead and there isn't much in between.

Though I have seen one that would power the Fans and so on but you got a message on the monitor that the Monitor had no Signal the moment you applied power. So it was a bit of a nuisance to the owner at least who had replaced all of the computer except the PS.

As the 3.3 V DC Rail drives the CPU have a look for something shorting between the M'Board and case but it may also be the hardware and when the CPU is fitted it pulls the reading down a bit without knowing more it's very hard to say but on the surface with an Antec PS I wouldn't be looking there as the first thing.


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