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    Psychotic Apple Users


    by dr dij ·

    It appears that Apple users can’t take the mention of possible security flaws in their product. An anonymouse security researcher posted a blog saying [s]he found a hack thru DNS into Macs. As a result, stupid psychotic Mac users posted death threats and hacked his blog! Wow!

    And I thought doing all those pretty graphics & creative videos, & not having to be the obnoxious PC guy who hates Macs made you cool!

    Are Mac people stuck up security wise, lulled into thinking ‘Mother Apple’ will quickly and quietly make sure no security flaws ever exist? If you’ve seen Futurama, Apple reminds me of ‘Mom Corp.’

    Any Mac users, would you post stuff like these threats or insults on his blog? If so is this because you are in denial about Mac flaws? Maybe because PC people are so used to security threats, ho-hum…

    P.S> don’t post any death threats here. I have no problems with Macs being stupid. Just some of their users. IS this PC-ist? Will it divide our society along CPU lines? 🙂 I can just see it now, in year 3000, Fry and the crew of Planet Express confront ugly PC-Mac rift that has divided society.

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      Hardly Psychotic

      by keydesignz ·

      In reply to Psychotic Apple Users

      It is hardly psychotic to want to banish a worm writer and pull him out of the woodwork, it is one of the things that makes the mac community so great. You use windows, so like you say, you are used to all the crap that you have to protect yourself from. I don’t use a virus scanner or spyware tools. I only need my firewall. Microsoft sucks. It reminds me of a bloated bullying company who tries to take over the world with their crappy products.

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        Typical nutty Mac user response

        by dba-mi ·

        In reply to Hardly Psychotic

        Mention that something might need to be fixed on a Mac, the Mac user blames Microsoft for having problems.

        A typical response from the bizarro Mac world.

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        So you think it is okay…

        by naughtymonkey ·

        In reply to Hardly Psychotic

        for the author to receive death threats stating they will put a bullet in his head.

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          Lapse into metaphors, analogies and the like for lack of a better title

          by mactekvic ·

          In reply to So you think it is okay…

          NO, it’s not ok. But let’s look at this in terms of current events with a smattering of the history of the opening of the rift before one Mac user’s behavior condemns all entirely.

          You are a computer user. Your preferred platform is stable and adequately supported by its manufacturer. Life is good. You must operate in the outside world however and though you’ve been given all the tools to cooperate and play nice with other platforms you are barely acknowledged by other manufacturers and rarely taken seriously by other less cooperative platforms and even outright rejected by some seemingly technical authorities and agencies that you must do business with (online education for one). In fact, the only time your platform is acknowledged by some is in a negative way and then every time your manufacturer delivers a new technology. Those same technical authorities that failed to support your platform are the first to look to promote a rationale for your inadequacy and poke a gloating finger at a source for ‘knocking you down a peg’ in order to gain equal footing on some weird, neurotic level (process of elimination based on the fact that most detractors do not own, operate, or even profess to know about the successful workings of your platform, ergo an obvious lack of constructive, learning, or solution oriented feedback for Mac – weird, neurotic).

          As it was in the beginning, so it is today. It has always been a PC user’s mantra alone (and Mac users thoroughly internalize the true haunting of the Highlander) “There Can Be Only One”.

          Mac users have always been ready for PC’s to join the party. Mother Apple having perfected much of the technology that even they require to communicate with their own devices and each other (USB)! It is however, Kinda difficult to party with someone who thinks their life will somehow be better without you around. I don’t know about you but if someone was trying to crush the stock price that supported my mother (how would she raise the money to continue to take care of herself and my need for her continued wellbeing) you better believe I’d be insistant there be some proof while simultaneously attacking the pseudo-opinions of a gloating detractor’s so-called authoritative credibility.

          There are so many analogies that can be made here to some Mac users’ behaviors. The reactive aggression of Columbine comes to mind. From that one we get zero tolerance for bullying as well as societal neglect. Darfur, genocide, and the attempt at self preservation by any means is somewhat horrifically applicable. From this we’ve gotten the drive to see basic needs met and greedy tyrants’ activities limited. Hording, price gouging, and protectionism during times of shortage. From every increasing natural disaster we intuitively know to work cooperatively to create a whole that is larger than the sum of its parts. All very discernable human psychological conditions with definable triggers.

          So, before you condemn a Mac user for their steadfastness to their platform remember the long history of PC hostility and agression toward the Mac and Mac users. PC users must begin to think (patches may be required – come on, laugh at yourselves- we do laugh at ourselves too**) how you would feel if the tables were turned and you were categorized as ‘the outsider’.

          The sad fact is that many PC users are much like Republicans who are not the principles of major corporations. They really do feel limited by the head of their party with the lion’s share reserved for a select few and trickle down seldom reaching very far down the pile. But very few are willing to cross the line because to be included in a group that appears somehow in a superior position makes them feel superior too. Even though few of them are having their needs met they are victims of their own satisficing, representative heuristics, halo effects and so crippled by conservatism that they’d rather see who they deem as less fortunate ‘evaporate’ than consider the wider sight of trickle up methodologies that cannot but serve to increase wealth for all – but proportionately. Also clearly discernable and definable psycological attributions albeit non-sustainable. Please keep in mind, most Mac users do not want to hear an apology or need an admission of wrongs. We cannot be wished out of existance and We are simply delighted to be treated as enfranchised citizens.

          **How are both Mac and PC users like Red Sox fans? Neither could claim the pennant for so long they came to enjoy complaining about their ranking as sort of a way of life. But loyalty to the boys on their hometown team has always been more the reason for ticket sales than league standings.

          Now, there’ll be no more death threats, everybody work toward cooperative solutions to help the other — share your toys AND Play Nice!

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          Are you on crack

          by naughtymonkey ·

          In reply to Lapse into metaphors, analogies and the like for lack of a better title

          I don’t know where you came from but I was responding to the comment
          [i]It is hardly psychotic to want to banish a worm writer and pull him out of the woodwork, it is one of the things that makes the mac community so great.[/i]

          I have nothing against Macs or their users but the poster I replied to does not seem to think death threats are bad.

          Sorry but i believe you wasted all of that pent up posting since I never said anything bad about Macs or their users. I use Windows, Linux, and have used Macs in the past and probably will in the future.

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        re: Hardly Psychotic

        by patrick ·

        In reply to Hardly Psychotic

        I think dragging someone into a parking lot and putting a bullet in their head qualifies as psychotic.
        I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

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          You’re not saying, you’re just saying?

          by dr dij ·

          In reply to re: Hardly Psychotic

          that death threats about something minor that doesn’t directly involve you are not psychotic?

          Ok, maybe they are just un-psychotic well planned out death threats?

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      Disingenuous generalization.

      by absolutely ·

      In reply to Psychotic Apple Users

      A lot of people are annoyed with what computer technology has promised and failed to deliver. A couple bozos’ responses to another bozo’s very un-professional (anonymous) “announcement” of not just a vulnerability, but an existent exploit, presumably active.

      [pre]The hubbub started earlier this week, when a researcher responsible for
      the Information Security Sell Out (InfoSec) blog announced a
      proof-of-concept worm that exploited a Mac OS X vulnerability that Apple
      Inc. missed in a May round of patches. The vulnerability exploited by
      the worm was in mDNSResponder, a component of Apple’s Bonjour automatic
      network configuring service, InfoSec said then.

      Criticism from Mac users and other security researchers was almost
      immediate, with the former focusing on crude insults and the latter
      concentrating on InfoSec’s refusal to identify himself or herself,
      [b]or prove that the worm existed[/b].[/pre]

      There are a couple interesting things to say about these events, but none of those implies anything at all about Apple users generally.

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        Ok, can’t generalize to ALL Mac users

        by dr dij ·

        In reply to Disingenuous generalization.

        Some of my best friends have Macs. But many seem to have an arrogant superior attitude that Mac’s are perfect. Death threats are unbelievable to me.

        Of course ID10Ts also sent death threats to a animal shelter operator when Ellen Degenerate whined / cried on TV because she broke their rules about giving away an animal she adopted (was supposed to give it back to the shelter).

        So I suppose it is a psychosis of society in general: “you didn’t do what I wanted you to do so I will make anonymouse threats to kill you!”

        Should I therefore threaten to “kill all anonymous threateners!” ?

        I suppose that would be like torturing prisoners to support freedom 🙂

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      You are suprised by this?

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to Psychotic Apple Users

      It is a direct result of using a Mac, that screwup of having to use a keystroke to get the single button mouse to access all the extra menus for the mouse.. the stupidity of having application menus not in the application window but in a menu bar on the top of the display.

      little things like that are designed to drive Mac users insane. 😀

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        I looked into getting a MAC

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to You are suprised by this?

        but I missed the big sale at Toys-R-Us…. :p

        It is pretty funny that a MAC user can’t HANDLE a mouse with more than one button. It just gets too dang confusing! 😀

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          Grow UP

          by geneshaper ·

          In reply to I looked into getting a MAC

          Mac PC, who cares. I use a Mac, but I support PCs, there are
          pros and cons to both platfoems and then there us UNIX/
          Linux. Accept on both sides that some people will be fanatic
          and most will be reasonable. Being snide and catty just
          shows the juvinility of some who are on the left of the
          Gaussian Distribution Curve of life.

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          While some people are just a dick

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Grow UP

          that can’t tell when someone is joking or not. Maybe you didn’t get the joke? Should I go back and explain it to you?

          I have a friend with a MAC and he never has any issues (except for me teasing him back) with it. I even had to have HIM rip a hybrid cd for me because when you put it into a windows box you see a video only, and if you put it in a cd player there are five songs. Well, I want to listen to my dang five songs I paid for, but windows won’t show them.

          If you had seen my posts in one of the other Apple security discussions going on, you would have seen me sticking up for the MAC.

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          2 things

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to While some people are just a dick

          1) My comments were on design flaws that are obvious and apple needs to fix.
          2) The other day I got a chance to turn the tables on a Mac user, he complained his Mac had died on him, so I said “Get a PC”
          [ he deleted the “sparse disk image” backup, and the Mac sucked the entire hard drive up in sparse disk images trying to find it, which completely crashed the Mac. ]

          While I saw the humour in your post, I think it’s funny that my comments were left alone by the Mac supporter, they were more negative than your post 😀

        • #2629640

          It was probably

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to 2 things

          the Toys-R-Us reference that set him off.

          That, and not understanding what it was you had posted because of using big words like application window and application menu….. ;\

        • #2629566

          Another explanation

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to It was probably

          Seeing as this person does not live in North America, perhaps translation and misunderstanding of snide humour led him astray. Let’s throw him a bone and give the benefit of the doubt……hang on, did I just say that? Must be coming down with something. Sorry.

        • #2628759

          Now we know why you don’t have a Mac

          by mactekvic ·

          In reply to It was probably

          How can we tell if you are joking when you keep attacking the intelligence of Mac users? You’re not joking. You seriously believe there is something wrong with a user who is wired for Mac. Save your pity and your jokes PC Man. We don’t need you to feel esteem or to have a good time. For goodness sakes, at least get current on the Mac, will ‘ya? Buy a new Mac at least once. Learn how we learn to operate our Macs. Intuitively and graphically.

          To the other poster. I thank you for stepping up to help that Mac user who was probably feeling pretty alone and isolated during that catastrophic failure. You don’t know how many techs had alienated him up to that point he wasn’t able to appreciate what you did. I do. Sincerely.

        • #2629179

          Actually, while I doubt I would ever buy one

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to It was probably

          I am glad they are out there. It is the alternatives to MS that force them to occasionally try to improve their products and almost stay competitive price-wise.

          It does make me laugh, because many of the arguments against linux are the same they used to say about the MAC. Thank goodness for the ipod, there will be a MAC around for a while.

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          One man’s flaw

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to 2 things

          Apple decided on a one button mouse before the Mac – the Lisa had one in 1983. This was while IBM PCs were still in their infancy and could not do colours.

          The click/double click combos for long time Mac users are well understood. They don’t seem to have any issues navigating.

          If you add a button and change the navigation, you end up frustrating a lot of long time Mac users.

          Food for thought.

          I didn’t have any issues switching back and forth when I had both.


        • #2629581

          Like I said

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to One man’s flaw

          Adding a button would confuse MAC users….. ;\

        • #2629564

          Don’t go there

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to One man’s flaw

          A simple colour change on a TR button pisses off the whole community sometimes.
          “It’s different, EEEEW!! NOW WHAT!?!”

          PC users are just as stupid, that’s why we have computers instead of brains.

        • #2629570

          While some people are just a dick

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to While some people are just a dick

          You calling me? I may be a dick but at least I’m a big one. 😉

          LOL, now I have to go back and find out who pi$$ed you off. Your title caught me.

        • #2630730

          Sorry Oz, was refering to a different dick……

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to While some people are just a dick


        • #2630573

          That’s an old one!

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Sorry Oz, was refering to a different dick……

          Wearing the old Kotex shirt again, haven’t seen that avatar in a while.

        • #2628765

          Clearly an Example of points in my earlier post

          by mactekvic ·

          In reply to I looked into getting a MAC

          When was the last time you played with a Mac?

          I’ll bet I can do more with my right click than you can with yours. Sorry, see, how this knee-jerk reaction to a slight to my intelligence happens everyone! P**sing contests are so not productive. Pick any Mac topic that you are truly well versed in to one up us or rib us on and hold a reasonable discussion, please. Your ignorant behavior detracts from your platform.

          I run a business on my home Mac. Is your home machine set up to make money or play games?

          Oh! Lord help me now I can’t stop…

        • #2629176

          Actually, thanks to pricing on PC’s

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Clearly an Example of points in my earlier post

          I have a few for each. And yes, I keep the toys separate from the work tools.

          The only real complaint I have ever had against Mac’s is the outrageous prices and lack of availability of a third party to get parts at a reasonable price.

          For the same reason I stopped buying IBM for a long time, ANYTIME a vendor does anything proprietary, I want nothing to do with them.

        • #2630893

          Typical computer people it seems…

          by larry_wall ·

          In reply to I looked into getting a MAC

          I use to be a fan of Amigas back in the days and I remember the many arguments back then why the PC was better than the Amiga. I have made my career in this business and have had many fights to move in the right direction. I was a big supporter of Novell and then Windows NT as the best solution for our situation up at a particular site within the government.

          NT was not the best in features, reliability, or even security but it we were able to get many of programs moved over to Windows NT and we would be off of the many different flavors of machines. Moving to NT was a big argument for the Novell guys. Soon after I left everything at that base has moved over to MS products.

          I will say it this way. Those out there who think they are working on the best thing and is not open minded enough to look at other things will be left behind. It does not mean even specific to hardware, OS, applications, capabilities, etc.

          Just to give an example I knew someone who was doing web developement and who thought this was great and the way of the future. He got paid good and at that time there were not many so the salaries were higher. He actually started his new job making more than I, but today I make about 30% more than he does. But my days of staying on this tech side are numbered now and will be making more soon on the management side of things.

          As a person, a career, a shop or a business, you should stay on top of things.

          Now about the Mac. I have known for a long time they were better at certain things. Mainly I was interested in video editing. But I had only PCs so I spent a lot of money upgrading my best PC with more memory, capture cards, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe DVD Encore, etc. I wasted more time with so many headaches that after a project or two I gave up. I wish now that back then I would have just bought the Mac because in the long run it would have saved me a lot of time, stress, and money (yes money).

          I recently moved and I had to decide what machine I was going to buy for my parents of whom never used a computer. I chose to buy them a iMac. But then I had to learn it so that I could show them some stuff. And then I had to buy one for myself. This is one machine that I have made many purchases of software and new devices here lately. Why, because I already love the thing and everything I buy for it seems to be worth far much more money.

          It may be the time for Apple.

          I love computing again. Two things at first kept me from buying a Mac. Price and the idea of learning a new OS. I wanted to learn it but I just didn’t have the time for the last couple of years.

          There are many people out there who are not Mac heads but who are buying them like crazy. It is almost a new trend. It kind of feels like back when Novell came out, when MS NT came out.

          It may be the time for Apple.

          I have VMWare Fusion running on mine where I do lab testing with Windows, RH Linux, and SUSE Linux. I even used VMWare conversion to copy my PC Laptop up onto my iMac and it runs faster thn on the laptop and has not crashed since so I turned my laptop back in. You know what I replaced my laptop with, an iPhone. Why? Well because I really only used it for surfing the web, getting email, getting maps, and I can do this with the iPhone.

          I am not a Mac head or a fanatic, but watch the stocks, watch the news where some really large companies are moving to the Macs, the government is switching for some uses over to the Macs, before you take the stand against them and get left behind. Try to use it before you verbally abuse it.

          It may be the time for Apple.

          Something that helped me with my switch was I sat down for about an hour with a Mac guy who showed introduced me to the photobooth, iPhoto, IMovie, and iDVD by using each to make several projects. At the end of the hour I learned a lot about the machine and we produced a video that would have taken me a lot longer to do on my PC.

          People of whom I have known 20+ years in the business who come over and see what I do with my Mac go out and buy one themselves. I do not push it on them. They just want to be able to do what I do and with the ease I do it in.

          It may be the time for Apple.

          If you do not want others to know, find a Mac user and have them sit you down in front of the thing for a while and walk you through some of the most used apps on there in secret. No one has to know. You could never believe or understand just how nice they can be unless you really use it.

          My oldest kid who is only 10 years old is doing some fairly complex video editing, she has made her own DVDs, she has her own website up with video and pictures shwon in some pretty complex ways. Not stuff I would have wanted to design because it would have taken way too long. Have someone demonstrate the publishing built in with the apps. Latest iChat is sweet as all, and Time Machine is by far the best backup tool I have ever seen. The concept is what blows me away.

          It may be the time for Apple.

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      by danlm ·

      In reply to Psychotic Apple Users

      god I can’t spell… I give up…


      • #2629637

        Yes, foolish Earthling

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to delete

        Resistance IS futile! B-)

    • #2629572

      Are Mac people stuck up security wise?

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Psychotic Apple Users

      Perhaps, they have reason to be though, maybe not stuck up about it but they have areason to be happy. Getting flamed by windoze users helps fed that flame too.

      I think that,in this case, they are just a bunch of loser forum junkies with nothing better to do…ahem, cough, sputter, unlike us of course. 🙂

      I agree that MAC’ sare a great OS especially for graphic work, with the Intel processor now being completely Windows software compatible the gap gets smaller and smaler and MAC looks bigger and bigger to those who take computingseriously and don’t feel compelled to join the Windoze bandwagon just to be cool.

      Fear of being different, perhaps another thread. People listen to garbage music because it is fed by the labels and radio stations. They have no individuality anymore or else they are outcast.

      Now we see the same in computing, you have ot be the same to be cool. Students used ot use MAC for teh graphic sability, when taking design classes. Now every student must have a MAC because it’s cool and “everyone else uses PC’s and they suck!”.

      IT staff go to Mac because they took a cheap MCSE course that told tham PC’s were the only way to go, so MAC users are teh outcasts and between the IT staff, the PC rules, even though it is really garbage in comparison.

      I use PC by the way, because it came on my IBM notebook. My next notebook, without a doubt will be a MacBook the student version is a great little notebook that does everything and is completely Windoze compatible.

      • #2629562

        New laptop in my future

        by tig2 ·

        In reply to Are Mac people stuck up security wise?

        I have an HP that is less than a year old. I have been fighting with HP to RMA it and repair the failed DVD Lightscribe drive (yes, I have an external also, but we’re talking about a laptop) and the failed wireless. If I can ever get those rat barstards to fix it, it will likely become a utility machine- I will not trust it for any REAL work.

        Since compatibility isn’t the issue it once was, I have decided to buy a Mac. Couple of reasons.

        I can purchase an XP install and BootCamp it. I know Unix and can play in the terminal window. I can even set a Linux partition. In short, I have a machine that can do everything.

        I know that I will pay more for my hardware. I also know that the hardware is pretty darned durable. I know that I may have more trouble finding apps. But the stuff I want to use is available for the Mac. Or Linux. Or Windows. I think I can manage that challenge.

        But I will have hardware that I have seen the dependability curve on and I won’t have to deal with Vista. I can sit down to an OS that I know and understand and on a whim, change to other OSs that I also know and understand.

        No downside.

        Having always been “bi-lingual” in my computing life, this change will only mean that I can’t trash anyone because I will be using ALL of them. Since I don’t trash them now, I don’t see this as a problem.

        And no, JD. Toy-R-Us near me doesn’t stock the model I want. I guess that I will just have to stick to MicroCenter.

        Edit- missed a capital

        • #2630701

          Hey Tigger…

          by techexec2 ·

          In reply to New laptop in my future

          HP is giving you a hard time about repairing your laptop? What is their reasoning for refusing to honor the warranty? Just curious.

        • #2628739


          by tig2 ·

          In reply to Hey Tigger…

          According to them, my warranty was 90 days, not 12 months. I know that I could just buy the parts and do the work myself- I’m warranty certified- but there is a principle here.

          But as I said, I would never use the thing for real work. And the Mac will handle the graphic work I do for the 3 Day better anyway.

          As I have mentioned to HP a number of times now, one unhappy customer is the moral equivalent of a front page ad. And I am not at all afraid to tell people about my experience!

        • #2628985

          Bi-Techual (bi-tek-tu-al)

          by mactekvic ·

          In reply to New laptop in my future

          LOL – Tri-Techual?

          Increase the Peace, TiggerTwo.
          Keep up the good apostolic work.
          There is room for all.

      • #2628991

        Smart Decision

        by mactekvic ·

        In reply to Are Mac people stuck up security wise?

        Why buy one platform when you can have 2, 3, or 4 for the same price. Have your MAC. Have your PC or Linux or Unix box. All in the same machine!

        It always ruffled me when PC users complained about the price of the MAC. I would listen to that and watch them spend hundreds of additional dollars on graphics cards, port expander cards, processor upgrades and virus software. That doesn’t even take into account the cost of their time to find and install software updates & patches, resolve bus ID conflicts, and reinstall crashed or ‘binded’ software with amnesia. Let’s not even get into how long it takes to install a PC program or a mundane device with a ‘wizard’ or how long it takes for the machine just to start up and load all its crap.

        Macs are and have always been more cost effective if you take into account the total ‘real’ costs associated with the purchase of a PC which includes much more of the user’s valuable time.

        What I can’t understand is that if the Windows platform is really so much more comfortable for some, and you can run Windows natively on a Mac with an Intel processor, knowing that Apple hardware has historically been very long lived (I have a client who is still publishing a newsletter on an LCII and the only thing that has ever been replaced on her machine is a $20 motherboard battery- no reason to believe future machines won’t be as long lived – planned obsolecence is not in Apple’s business model), why would some still buy a PC core?

        It is truly evident, PC users are the ones who are stuck! What it will take to unstick them is the question. They seem unaffected by common sense.

    • #2628763

      No excuse for psychotic behavior

      by mactekvic ·

      In reply to Psychotic Apple Users

      But how can we be blamed for becoming neurotic in light of the pressure from PC users to make us so? How many times are you willing to be poked before you poke back. Hmmm?

      • #2628756

        MAC users seem like some satanic cult in the way they behave

        by big ole jack ·

        In reply to No excuse for psychotic behavior

        They are so brainwashed and adamant about using PCs’ they won’t even consider trying it, even if it’s the only option they have to run a specific application that’s not available for their beloved OS. They’re rather raise hell and petition software companies to port the application over to a MAC OS instead of simply learning how to use it on the native platform it was designed for in the first place. I recall how Microsoft gave in to pressures from MAC users to port MS Office to the MAC OS, only to have MAC users dump it later on anyway in favor of some other application. The world doesn’t cater to MAC users simply because they are the biggest and loudest whiners. In a way, I’m glad that the MAC OS isn’t as rock solid as advertised, because a reality check is overdue for snobbish MAC users who who think they are somehow elite.

        • #2628744

          A little Mac history

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to MAC users seem like some satanic cult in the way they behave

          MS didn’t have to port most of Office to the Mac, cause they developed it on the Mac.

          MS Word was a DOS app when MS developed Word for the Mac in a graphical environment. MS Excel didn’t exist for DOS/Windows, it was first developed ont he Mac. Powerpoint 1.0 was Mac only till MS bought the company. FoxPro ditto (started on DOS, first graphical version and development platform was Mac, till MS bought them).

          The issue that you refer to is when MS started to delay the deployment of their Office tools on the Mac – deliberately to make sure Windows marketshare increased. That was vintage MS predatory behaviour.

          I am far from brainwashed, and I would tell you that I’ve met similar attitudes from PC users.

          You know I heard these same arguments 20 years ago – PC users telling me there isn’t enough software available for the Mac. I had a 2 inch thick catalogue of software with type like in a phone book that I would haul out. There was no catagory of software that the PC had that the Mac didn’t. There were more choices for PC users, but that doesn’t mean that Mac users were stuck with one choice of software either.


        • #2628972

          Thank You

          by mactekvic ·

          In reply to A little Mac history

          I always said it was a difference between quantity and quality. The difference being that counting the number of PC titles did not account for varying quality levels and redundancy in the PC offerings. There were more unique products for Mac than PC (most of my older titles for Mac are selling much better on my e-bay than my old PC titles- I’ve got the original FoxPro for Mac manuals for sale).

          Thank You.

          Duh, Powerpoint is so…Hypercard. Your post educated me as well.

          Thank You.

        • #2628981

          Unrequited Friendship

          by mactekvic ·

          In reply to MAC users seem like some satanic cult in the way they behave

          We know we’ve had to beg to be recognized. What do you do when you try to get someone to come out and play repeatedly but all they ever do is refuse or give you guff? You stop asking them and eventually turn away from them all together, right! Most of us behave that way, it’s human nature. We might try harder if they had the best ball on the block, but we’ve stopped waiting for that. PCs compared to what is available to us are always just a little behind anything we already have by every benchmark. We don’t complain about anything but PC users treatment of us.

          We choose Mac, the altruistic platform. Nothing stopped Apple from sharing its perfected USB, Ethernet, and Quicktime and a myriad of open source technologies – readily and all while platform genocide memos were being distributed elsewhere.

    • #2629171

      Does anybody get how racist this thread has become?

      by jessie ·

      In reply to Psychotic Apple Users

      How many of you have posted, “I have a friend who uses a MAC” to justify your insulting of MACs. And how many of you have also, when caught telling black jokes, [i]redeemed[/i] yourselves by saying, “I have a black friend.”

      How many of you would consider MARRYING and HAVING CHILDREN with a MAC user? Hmmmm? How many of you think that little MAC/PC hybrids running around are OK? And how many of you think that “MACs have their place, it just isn’t in the corporate world?” You’re all racist barstewards!

      [i]just stirring up the pot, to see what bubbles to the top.[/i]

      Edited because the post keeps removing my line spacing… Thank you for the tip JD.

      • #2629000

        Most of these threads have been thoughtful observations

        by danlm ·

        In reply to Does anybody get how racist this thread has become?

        From people that don’t own one… And were thinking of buying one. We only have the people that we know that own one to go by.

        How the fk are we spouse to discuss this unless we relate what our friends have encountered. Their likes and dislikes. What we have observed about their security habits with their macs.

        Wait, the comment you just made. We shouldn’t use anyone we know that already has experienced the mac. That is racist.

        b.s. piss off.


        • #2628949

          That was harsh

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to Most of these threads have been thoughtful observations

          Jessie was only pointing out a parallel between how we respond at a societal level when the conversation is focused on race and how a great many IT professionals respond at a societal level when the discussion is on Mac/Linux/BSD/Unix/Windows. The observation is valid.

          We have certainly seen enough “bash” threads. We have also had way too little tolerance.

          I’m buying a Mac this week. I am actually buying two- one is a Christmas gift to my stepson (the graphic artist). Does this purchase automatically qualify me as psychotic? Should it? And shouldn’t we question that kind of global statement?

          We frequently lose sight of the real question in some of these threads- What platform/OS is going to best meet the needs of the user? Last year, we bought the Mom-in-law an HP. This year we are buying the stepson a Mac. The Mom-in needs a basic OS, flexible platform, read email, do some word processing. The HP running XP does that for her in a familiar operating environment. PC Linux OS will do as well. Stepson wants power graphics and the ability to do his design work. The Mac is better suited to his needs, although he is looking at gaming graphics so wants the ability to see what his creations look like in the Windows world. The Mac will give him that too.

          The point that Jessie is making is that we don’t consider what the end user really needs when we make recommendations or espouse systems. We go with our prejudices in most cases and then defend out choices loudly- as if failing to do so would make us in some way wrong.

          That paradigm needs a shift. As a BSD user, I think that you can agree with that- you use BSD because you like it and it meets your needs.

          C’mon, Dan. Don’t lets argue about things we agree on.

        • #2628920

          Am I in the wrong thread

          by danlm ·

          In reply to That was harsh

          Christ, I thought I was in the bloody firewall Lepord thread.


          Never mind.


        • #2628917

          You’re good

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to Am I in the wrong thread

          As someone who respects your OS choices, I understand completely.

          I just wish that the OS bashing would just bloody stop. It just makes me tired. Use the OS that meets your needs and get on with your life.

          But I think you agree with that… 😀

          Be well, Dan!

        • #2628911

          You are buying a MAC?

          by w2ktechman ·

          In reply to That was harsh

          Ok, I guess I can no longer tolerate conversing with you!!! :^0

          I mean really!!! after you start posting with a MAC I will not be able to properly read your messages :^0

          Can you even post a reply here on TR with a MAC??? :0

          Please let me know when you start posting with the MAC so that I may be able to try to figure out what you are saying!!! :^0

          Ok Tig, I actually agree with you on this. It is just an OS, and if it works for you, great! As long as there are common ground for the systems to communicate, then what’s the problem? Personally, I use Linux/Win/PCBSD. And they all work fine for me. I have never used a MAC, but the feedback I get from others is that it is a good experience and good Win alternative.

        • #2631131

          Actually w2k, I was thinking about buying a mac.

          by danlm ·

          In reply to You are buying a MAC?

          I want a lap top… And I’m in the shopping stages… But what I read in the Lepord post about the firewall really turns me off on that.

          God, why would they open up a proven BSD firewall completely and layer another firewall over it. And then screw it up. Oi…

          Now I have no idea what I’m going to do, honest to god. Oh well, I had no justification for buying a laptop anyway other then it would be nice to have. That, and the better half needs a new laptop… Would be mine for her to use.


        • #2631114

          I know the feeling

          by w2ktechman ·

          In reply to Actually w2k, I was thinking about buying a mac.

          I was building a system for Vista, erally powerful. Then I played with Vista before I bought the final pieces of the system. Decided it was going on hold for a bit, and now it will become a 64-bit Linux version.
          But funding dried up completely recently, so I cannot justify it (to myself even, how bad is that???)???

        • #2628894


          by jaqui ·

          In reply to That was harsh

          yup, but not just for buying a mac or two.

          you got infected with that really really obnoxious disease called TR addiction. :p
          that’s what makes you psychotic.
          [ but then, most of us are so no worries ]

      • #2628947

        line spacing when using html commands

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to Does anybody get how racist this thread has become?

        if you use < > instead of [ ] it will take out all spacing and you have to add in the

        “br” inside the <> for your breaks.

        And as my friend that uses macs is a GUY, no, I would not marrying him. :p

      • #2628945

        “Stirring the pot to see what bubbles up” — LOL

        by w2ktechman ·

        In reply to Does anybody get how racist this thread has become?

        How about sleeping with a MAC user??? :^0
        oops, my friends would not approve :0

        Ok, I guess the marriage thing is totally out then! :^0

        By the first response, I think you did a pretty good job of ‘stirring it up’.
        As for me, I tried learning a MAC 1 time, a long time ago, somewhere around ’98-’99. Those users were too far gone to help at all. Anyway, they were often like talking to hard core Linux buffs, and many people never moved to Linux cause of it either.

        Personally, I have never had a MAC, but I do know a few people that love them. They arent the hard core MAC users, so I get better info from them than from the MAC users I knew several years ago.
        The die hards are often very arrogant a-holes. But this is the same in the Linux world and the PC world.
        I personally find it strange, cause its just an OS.

        P.S. I was staying away from this thread cause I know little of MAC, and dont have a keen interest in them right now. but, I happened across this post and had to respond.

        • #2631047

          Thank you.

          by jessie ·

          In reply to “Stirring the pot to see what bubbles up” — LOL

          Sometimes my sense of the absurd runs away with me. 😀

          I’ve never owned a MAC either, but from what I hear, they’re good machines. My hubby used to do graphic design and used MACs… which actually seems a little redundant to say because I’ve never known anyone who did graphic design and [i]didn’t[/i] use a MAC… though I’m sure they’re out there and if I don’t add a disclaimer to this post, the PC graphic designers are going to hunt me down and flame me… so I won’t add a disclaimer… just to be cheeky.

          [i]edited to finish my thought… cuz sometimes they come in pieces[/i]

        • #2631023

          And all the people that I know that own mac’s are artist’s

          by danlm ·

          In reply to Thank you.

          Chuckle, that probably explains their lax security procedures.

          Now the artist community(at work) will hunt me down and make me go watch a Clevleand Browns game.

          Oi, the pain of it all.


        • #2630911


          by w2ktechman ·

          In reply to Thank you.

          “edited to finish my thought… cuz sometimes they come in pieces ”

          I cannot say too much about this, but

          Edited to add this :^0 :^0 :^0

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