PTG traffic Grapher

By jhlamothe ·
I downloaded this supposedly helpful package from C-Net downloads; I am not able to uninstall it and if you try to dump it it hides it self till next re-boot!
Whats up with that!

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Did you mean.................

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to PTG traffic Grapher

I could not find PTG Traffic Grapher, but I did find PRTG Traffic Graffer. Is this what you meant? If so, going to the manufacturer's web site and looking at the user's manual reveals the following:

------- snip ----------

Or select the Uninstall icon from the PRTG Traffic Grapher group in the Start|Programs menu.

Note: During Uninstallation your monitoring data will not automatically be removed!

After the uninstallation of the software has finished please check PRTG Traffic Grapher?s installation folder and delete all remaining files that you do not want to preserve. Also, please check the ?\Documents and Settings\All Users\Common Documents\PRTG Traffic Grapher? folder for remaining data files which are also not automatically removed!

--------- snip ---------

Also, if it runs as a service and will not install, stop the service first and THEN run the uninstall.

Other than that.... if you have problems with CNET downloads, you should contact them. This forum can't help you with their potential problems.

<edited: damn typos!>

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PRTG Traffic Grapher

by jhlamothe In reply to Did you mean............. ...

Sorry about spelling!
Thanks that got rid of all but 2 files that are attachrd to a .dll that I'm leery about deleting.
Also Glarysoft says it replicates and hides itself; when I try to delete with Security Process Manager it vanishes for a while then shows up in Task Manager again.
Any ideas?

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Don't know Glarysoft.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to PRTG Traffic Grapher

The PRTG program offered by says it comes from and those are the instructions I pasted.

Are you perhaps confusing this legitimate program with a virus/spyware/malware by the same name?

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PRTG Traffic Grapher

by jhlamothe In reply to Don't know Glarysoft.....

Sorry looking at wrong entry on Security Manager; Anyway it still regens itself after removal thru remove/add in control panel.
Now it doesn't show as existing unless you search for it!
Like I said if you try to delete remaining files it has embedded it self and will not let you because it has attached itself to a dll named libeay32.dll; as you know this file is required for just about everything that runs! so it won't go away!
I just want to let it go because its a mem hog.
Oh by the way the manual's story about uninstall basically says you downloaded you are stuck with it for life BUAHAHAHAHAH?!? so I guess I own it unless I do a clean install of Win 2000 PRO.
Oh boy only 4 hours to bring it up to date!

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