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pthread initialization error under Suse 9.1

By execsys ·
This is a post I have been unable to get resolved through the IBM/Tivoli folks. Maybe someone here has a clue.


Hey guys I am trying to get IBM Tivoli NetView 7.1.4 installed on a SuSE Linux 9.1 machine. I have gotten it to mostly install but I keep running into this error when I start NVSERVER

symbol __pthread_initialize, version GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file with link time reference

I realize this is an unsupported version of Linux, but does anyone have any enough Linux experience to help me solve it? NVSERVERD dies with exit(127)

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by cpfeiffe In reply to pthread initialization er ...

It looks like the version of glibc used with the nvserverd process is not compatible with the system. I am not familiar with the netview product but basically it comes down to

1) it did not install properly - i.e. the install should have updated libpthread but applications usually don't
2) you need to use a different version of glibc - i.e. the one on your system, not the one that comes with the product. If you are compiling from source you should be able to tell it to use whatever glibc you wish
3) you are missing a patch to either the product or the OS that will update the appropriate files
4) the versions are simply incompatible. You need a newer/older version of linux/netview

find your file (usually a link to another file and usually in /usr/lib but varies on OS/release) and once you nail down the actually file do "strings <file>|grep -i glib" and see what it returns.

Good luck.

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by john.boake In reply to pthread initialization er ...

I am new to Linux and am trying to get Netview 7.1.4 installed on a SUSE 9.2 PRO server. Does anyone have any instructions on this? I have contacted IBM and they are not very helpful in this instance. I managed to get most of it installed simply by adding the file /tmp/.noNVprereqCheck and I got around the GLIBC_2 by exporting the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5. I then installed the server and ran the nvits_config -d l and that worked fine. At this point I am stuck. I can't manage to get webserver, nvserverd or snmpcollect daemons to start. Has anyone had success with this and if so can you lend a hand?

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