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By roysecity ·
Ptsnoop is in my CLOSE PROGRAM window. What is it? What does it do? Is it suppose to be there? If NO, how do I get rid of it? Thanks.

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by tduval In reply to ptsnoop

Bad luck :! It's a backdoor virus...

Look at :

Removal : install AV

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by pctech In reply to ptsnoop

Ptsnoop is for your modem detection on each boot and loads in with Windows. There is a backdoor virus, as mentioned, called PTSNOOP. It never hurts to run a virus scan with a current version anti-virus program and current virus definitions. Ptsnoop's presence, however, does not mean your system is infected with this virus. This is also a file used by many modems.

I hope it is not the virus and just a legitimate file used by your modem.

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by Dade62 In reply to ptsnoop

Run a virus scan to be on the safe side, but ptsnoop is associated more than likely with your modem. I've seen this many times in the task manager on systems I've worked on when you hit ctrl+alt+del on the keyboard.
Doubt if you have anything to worry about.
Take Care...

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by waddat2001 In reply to ptsnoop

Hi' PTSNoOP , as was mentioned in other answers is associated with your modem and t does pose a security threat. The system does not 'need' it yo be loaded at startup. o turn it off you need to know where it is loading from.

Check the system configuration utility.
Click Start >Run>type 'msconfig' without the quotes> select the startup tab. Look for PTSNOOP to determione where it is loading from.

At this point I must add [If You Are not comfortable working with the registry or system files, seek assiatance from someone who is more competent.]

Before working in the registry make a backup so that any negative effects can be reversed.

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