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My ISP gave me an (DNS)IP address to resolve an issue that we are having with resolving a web site address. Everyone in the outside world can get to this website without issue. Internally here we cannot resolve that IP address by name ( but can by IP address, so it is a DNS issue internally. Have no issues with getting to other websites, just one that we particularly need.

I have gone to my internal DNS servers and added the IP address that my ISP has given me on my DNS Server properties forwarder tab and it has changed nothing; even after clearing my local arp cache and renewing my IP address on my laptop. I put the given IP address in the only place where I found "their" old DNS IP address put in place by my predecessor.

However when I put the IP address in the DHCP server as a DNS reservation along with the IP address of my internal DNS server, I can resolve the website, but have trouble connecting exchange at times. Exchange asks me for a password numerous times while connected to the network. The same is true to an extent when I put that DNS IP address my ISP gave me into my local workstation TCP/IP configuration properties instructing it to use the following DNS server addresses. I can browse the internet just fine and local resources, but it screws up my connection to exchange at various times....

Any ideas of how to correctly add the public DNS IP address that my ISP gave to me. I am at a loss right now. I run in a windows environment. My DNS server is 2003 and a back up of 2000

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by BFilmFan In reply to Public DNS IP address in ...

So let me see if I have this correct.

We have a web server with 2 NICS in it. One with a private IP and one with a public IP.

The DNS servers are having issues resolving the public IP, but not the private?

And Exchange is having issues with AD Authentication? Is the Exchange server on the same server with the 2 NICs?

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