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public folders not updating

By fatmann ·
I am running exchange 5.5 sp3 on NT 4.0 sp5, the clients are mostly win98 machines with outlook 2000 and .pst files local on the HD. The problem I am Having is that changes made to the public folders are on being seen. I.E. I add or delete a post ina subfolder since I made the change it is updated on my machine. But some people will not see the change and some will, or someone else deletes a folder but I can still see it. I can also open and read the contacts. (this folder happens to be a old client contact folder) the strange thing is that I look at the public folder in the exchange admin and this folder is actually deleted. It is as if the public folders are being saved on the local HD and outlook never updates them off the exchange server.

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public folders not updating

by zepolie In reply to public folders not updati ...

Quoting Microsoft "Set public folder aging, which automatically deletes old messages from Microsoft Exchange Server public folders. Similarly, the Mailbox Clean utility deletes old mail from users? private message stores.
You should be aware of some general functions of public folders and replication. First, the entire public folder hierarchy is always replicated to every Microsoft Exchange public folder server (a Microsoft Exchange Server computer that contains a public message store). Second, you can control which public folders get replicated to which public folder servers from the Administration program. These replication pages also allow you to hide a public folder from the address book and to see a folder?s replication status."

Deleting Public Folders
"Only folder owners can delete public folders. Deleting a public folder prevents further access to the folder and its replicas and removes the representation of the folder and its subfolders from the directory."
Public folder deletions can be recursive, so if you attempt a nonrecursive deletion of a public folder that contains subfolders, you receive an error message."
"The Public Folder Replication Verification Tool (Replver.exe) compares public folders on Exchange Server computers and sends periodic status messages if a replica appears to be out-of-date."

Hope this helps you!!

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public folders not updating

by fatmann In reply to public folders not updati ...

There is no replication taking place. this is the only exchange server running in the org.

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