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Public Internet Access PCs and Win2000

By shaun.brady ·
Hi guys,

I am starting to plan for a roll out of new PCs for our library's public Internet access PCs.

I have not had to consider locking down Win2000 like this before so is it possible someone can give me an overall checklist of issues I need to address?

The PCs only need to connect to the Internet (through a network connection) and be able to print to a newtworked printer.

In was thinking something along the lines of using the Microsoft Management Console to create a security template, then ghosting this image to all the required machines. The PCs would also have lockdown hardware cards installed. Is there something i am missing?

Any help appreciated.

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RE: Public Access

by DugaDugDug In reply to Public Internet Access PC ...

Couldn't find the white paper I have in my archives but the following should be a start to help you out.

I would also consider either disabling the Log Off and Turn Off Computer buttons ( ) or enable auto-login for the retricted user account (TweakUI).

Also might want to take a look at the following:
Information is for XP but it should work with Win2K as well (test in the lab first and copy the file before modifying it)

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On our Public side....

by Cgoeckel In reply to Public Internet Access PC ...

We have Policies set for the desktops when they log on that is set to the logins and IPs. Unable to make changes, run exe files etc. And we run them through a proxy as well to block access to sites that can be considered harmful etc.

Another thing we use is a program called Winselect. It locks down the PC except with what you allow the user to do, like F1 for Help, Right mouse clicks are disabled, etc.

The links in the other post are a good guideline. I would also check with the state requirements. Depending on how your access is setup (Local/City/County or State) may have requirements if they provide the access.

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