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    public ip addresses

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    Hi, correct if I’m
    wrong but on a home network with just a few pcs and laptop that uses a small router/ modem there is usually one public Ip address and the router split/shares the internet and acts like a DHCP server and assigns private Ip addresses to all the devices. On a large corporate network, one that spans to several building or across a city, etc. does it work that same way. One public Ip address and several private Ip addresses or do they usually have several public Ip addresses.

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      Re: public IP-address

      by kees_b ·

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      A physical connection (cable, ADSL, glass fiber, satellite) to the internet provider needs a unique IP-address. That’s the only restriction.

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      public ip addresses

      by albertmjony ·

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      Public IP addresses are provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to their customers and are used to identify and distinguish devices on the global Internet. They are unique to each device or network and serve as the address that other devices use to locate and communicate with them. Public IP addresses are essential for devices that need to directly interact with the Internet, such as web servers, email servers, and gaming consoles.

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