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    Public IP


    by jpknox287 ·

    I dont think this is possible but it cant hurt to try…I have 10 public ips can I assign a public ip to a computer in my network and still access network rescources…i dont want to use nat…thanks

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      Multi-home your computer

      by curlergirl ·

      In reply to Public IP

      In order to access the network resources and have a public IP, you would have to multi-home the computer. That is, you would either have to install two NICs and configure one with a public IP address and one with a private one, or you would have to configure both IPs statically on the one NIC. Two NICs are preferable. Also, your internal NIC has to be configured WITHOUT a default gateway – only one default gateway is allowed per computer, unless you set up static routes, which you don’t want to have to do, otherwise you will not be able to browse either network.

      Keep in mind that this is an inherently INSECURE situation, and to help protect your internal network you should at least be running a software firewall on this computer.

      Hope this helps!

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      IP forwarding

      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to Public IP

      Typically you will have your LAN something like or

      On your router, you assign all traffic to REAL world IP x.x.x.x to go to computer

      You then set in your firewall what traffic you will allow in and what you will allow out.

      When you do this, ANY computer that can be accessed from the Internet should ALWAYS be put on a DMZ, in case it gets compromised.

      The answer is yes. Call the manufacturer of your firewall and they can walk you through this in about 20 minutes.

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