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By dmayn1988 ·
I am writing this as more of a vent because I am getting tired of the misguided attitude of the general public about the IT market.

I strongly believe that IT positions will not be easily obtainable like previous years from here on out. If you dofind a position, your qualifications will have to exceed what you would have to have in the past.

Added to that, because of the slow down in the creation of new jobs, loss of older ones, and influx of people switching careers and entering into the field because they were misguided into thinking that the market has an over abundance of jobs, expect that market will be like this for quite a long while.

Just irks me how the general public believes we have it made.

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by tbragsda In reply to Public perception of IT o ...

Guess I don't entirely agree. It depends on your career. Infrastructure (servers, routers etc) never gets smaller. The network just grows. So I don't think that it is that bad. In some cases, its nice to see some of the influx of bad network people cut. These were the jerks that entered the business somewhere in 97-00 or so. Thought they were worth tons of $$, and got it because we needed bodies.

Everyone, and every type of business goes through some rough times. IT will come out theother side of this with stronger people. No more kids "playing" with servers. No offence to any kids out there, I was at one time a kid playing with servers. The difference, I used my luck and skill at getting a low paying entry level job to listen, learn, and be a professional.

Just my opnion, I could be wrong.

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I agree 100%

by Help Desk Analyst In reply to Public perception of IT o ...

Just paint yourself a diff color and visit:

for free A+,CNE,MCSE training.

Then you can live the "Johnny come lately" life
in America....


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by ghstinshll In reply to Public perception of IT o ...

It's too bad that people are still misguided about it. People go where money is, like in the past to textiles, steel, insurance, etc...

I feel your pain, but am glad to be where I am. Professionalism and integrity are vital to staying afloat in the industry.

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Blame it on Y2K

by JDSAL In reply to Public perception of IT o ...

I think that Y2K is what triggered the IT explosion, and the economic downturn has cleaned the ranks of the inept. Just as in Darwin's law 'Survival of the Fittest'. At the present moment I feel that my IT group is much more efficient and resourceful.

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by crecycler In reply to Public perception of IT o ...

After 20 years in this industry and currently subject to an excessive amount of time unemployed, it is a bit disheartening to hear "Oh, you've got it made! You should be getting a job in no time!" I'm on the verge of losing my home, I have a 20 yearold car (paid-off thank goodness) that may be my next address VERY shortly. I haven't any idea what to do next!

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