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Me and my organization are looking at public computers and we have a good solution and plan however, I am looking for a good public printing solution. We are looking at 5 public computers per community center and we will need a way to charge for the printing usage and we wont be able to use something like pay pal because our clients will be mostly children. We would also want to monitor the printing so useless printing and waste of ink/toner does not occur. Does anyone have any suggestions of what can be used to monitor and charge for public printing we would also need something thats cost effective for the small locations we have. Thank You for any responses!

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Not a specific answer, but

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Talk to your local library and see what they use. They've already done this if they are a modern library. For example, at mine, if you want to print, you print, then go over to the bank of printers. You use the code you were given to retrieve your print job at the central command station, and it tells you how much your job will cost. You can pay by credit card right there, or you can enter cash at the printer.

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