Public wifi network that uses credit or charges once phone for use?

By mafiso ·
Is it possible to setup a public wireless network, and charge people to use the wifi via their phone credit (in the case of a prepaid phone) or on their monthly phone bill?

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I would hazard

by NexS In reply to Public wifi network that ...

A guess and say that telco companies would be the ones to decide who gets to charge onto a person's phone bill.

Although, that is entirely a guess.

I would have had a look on google/wiki, but I don't think you've done any research. So I'll leave it up to you.

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The Telco's already do this with what they call the 3 G or 4 G Networks

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Public wifi network that ...

A Public WiFi Access Point however works on a different Wireless Range to the 3 or 4G Phone Networks.

As such it's not possible to charge for use of the 802.11 Wireless Spectrum which is what is used by the Computer WiFi Devices.

After all it's impossible to prevent anyone logging in and using the bandwidth.

The 3 or 4G Networks however use a USB Plug In Device which is effectively a 3 or 4G Mobile Phone without the Dialer so it connects directly to the network and you are charged for any Data Uploaded or Downloaded. This is done through the Telco's Monitoring System.

4G being the faster way to transfer Data but it's still very new and isn't available in many places around the world yet.


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