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    Publicly shared internet access


    by andy ·

    I have been approached by a local hotel that wants to offer internet access to its guests. They are not planning at present to charge for the service but if the market supports it maybe they will.

    Does anybody know of any good packages that will help them manage the bandwidth and (if they choose to go down that route) the billing.

    I have pointed out the potential pitfalls of the service in terms of supply and demand and their lack of on-site support staff but they would still ike to look into it further. If there is a way to simplify the management of the resources they will probably farm the support out but if the management is too complicated they will probably end up shelving it for another 12 months.

    All help would be appreciated.

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      by wlbowers ·

      In reply to Publicly shared internet access

      You can do a search on cyber cafe software.

      A lot of the telephone systems have this as an option for data through the room telephones wiring. Contact the telephone vendor and ask.

      Otherwise you are going to have to wire the place.


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      by mjd420nova ·

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      All the motels do is install the router on the
      DSL network and some even due use a firewall,
      some don’t even use a password.

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