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    Publisher Hyperlinks to Bookmarks in Outlook email


    by georonn ·

    We have a department mail newsletter I am trying to get going using Publisher. I have created bookmarks to link a one sentence lead to the full article further down the page. The hyperlinks/bookmarks test and work fine in Publisher, but do not work when the document is emailed from Publisher using the “send email” publishing option. XP SP3 with Office 2007 SP2. Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong?

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      by georonn ·

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      Check the links

      by seanferd ·

      In reply to Publisher Hyperlinks to Bookmarks in Outlook email

      and make sure they are relative. You don’t want absolute references to your particular filesystem arrangement.

      You are also very specific about the document being emailed. Does it work fine if not emailed, but transferred to another computer by some other method? And if the recipient is trying to view the document in an email client, the problem may lie in the security settings for the email client at the recipient’s end.

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        Partial success

        by georonn ·

        In reply to Check the links

        I copied the file to a thumb drive and had a colleague open it in Publisher and the hyoperlinks to bookmarks further down the page worked, just as they do on my PC. We emailed the newsletter to several other colleagues and the links to bookmarks do not work, although they all receive other email newsletters where the links do work.

        The hyperlinks to non-bookmark items (unsubscribe, send comments) do work in the emails of all colleagues.

        I removed all the hyperlinks and the bookmarks from the document, then reinserted them following the MS Publisher directions. One minor change has occurred in that the hyperlink to the bookmark to “Return to the Top” works. There is one after each the four stories in this first newsletter, yet the hyperlinks at the top leading to the stories at the bottom do not work outside publisher.

        Really scratching my head now.

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          You didn’t mention it, but

          by seanferd ·

          In reply to Partial success

          did you check the actual link structure? Are the links pointing to absolute locations like C:\x\y\z\something.htm? Or are they relative to the document itself?

          If all the problem links are bookmarks, are they pointing to an internet location, or a corporate network location?

          For (private) corporate network locations, one would need permission within that network to access the network itself and the specific resources. The link would need to be properly formed to lead from the outside world into the private network.

          If the problem is internet locations, it may be a security setting which may need to be changed in the email client or local system, or possibly something which must be changed by group policy on the recipient’s network.

          In MS Outlook, one might check Options → Security → Security zones.

          Is this content meant to be displayed inline, or is it sent as a separate attachment? If it is an attachment, try detaching or copying to the Desktop. Right-click on the file and select Properties. See if you are presented with an “Unblock” button.

          Sorry, but I’m kind of winging it here, as I know very little of the specifics of your situation. If you can provide an example of a link, and I understand if you cannot, we may be able to find the problem faster.

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          More on Partial Success

          by georonn ·

          In reply to You didn’t mention it, but

          This is an inline document created from a MS Publisher Template that is 8″ wide and 66″ long. It is designed to allow you you have a small two or three line lead-in to the full story which is placed further down the same page of the document.
          You create bookmarks in the document that mark where the text is supposed to continue. Then you create a hyperlink called “Read More” as an example underneath the article lead. The hyperlink simply points to the bookmark named something like “article1”. There is no link outside the document.
          Currently the hyperlinks I created to move from the full articles in the bottom section back to the top of the page DO work, but the links to move down the page DO NOT.
          The hyperlinks to send an email to unsubscribe (which open a blank Outlook email and address it) work fine. I just cannot seem to figure out the hyperlinks that move down the page.
          Unfortunately I cannot link you into our network to see the document, but I can send it to you as an email attachment, and as an email as originally intended.

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          I am beginning to suspect

          by georonn ·

          In reply to More on Partial Success

          that this is a document size issue for Outlook. Just for giggles, I removed two png images from the full articles. After that I was able to get all but one of the hyperlinks to work in Outlook, and in one of the articles the bottom half of one of the images is cut off. The finished document in Publisher is 3.5MB. Do you know of any known size limitations for this type of document being sent in an Outlook email?

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          I can’t say that I’ve ever found a functional issue

          by seanferd ·

          In reply to I am beginning to suspect

          with the size of an email to be viewed, only that it might take a longer time to load the document or the individual images when opened if the file is very large.

          That is something I would have to look up.

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          Ah, so, they are all internal to the document.

          by seanferd ·

          In reply to More on Partial Success

          OK, that eliminates quite a few possibilities. At this point, I can only imagine that Publisher is doing something with internal links which is not recognized by Outlook. Have you saved this document as an HTML file and tried to view it in a browser?

          Also, check again the link codes and the target codes to make sure Publisher is not formatting them incorrectly or messing up the target. They should be something like this
 . You’ll notice that this link is also intended to take you to a certain section of a document itself.

          Another source:

          If all this is looks correct, I can’t suggest anything but trying to get it to work in a browser or another HTML designer with all the error reporting/debugging features turned on.

          And you don’t have to post the entire document, only a code example of a link/target pair you are using in the document. If you do want to send the whole document, you can PM me and I’ll send you back my email address.

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      FINALLY figured out how to send a Newsletter using Publisher/Outlook

      by lisab2722 ·

      In reply to Publisher Hyperlinks to Bookmarks in Outlook email

      I spent hours working on correct functionality of an email Newsletter in Publisher.
      What should have been an easy task with a program, called PUBLISHER, was quite an ordeal. Anytime I created the emails newsletter and tried to test it, it would remove all hyperlinks I entered and the page was completely skewed when email tested.

      In order to create a Newsletter using Publisher and sending it with Outlook, here’s how I found to do it: Create the newsletter in Publisher. Don’t use any color schemes or tables. You basically have to leave the page white. Don’t use a large table or text box over the entire newsletter. You can’t link a specific word or phrase if it’s inside a text box. Otherwise, it links the whole text box. This is not a huge problem, but since you can’t always line up the text in a newsletter, you have to put it in a text box. Make sure you set your Outlook mail to remain for a period of time in your outbox (tools, options, mail setup, uncheck ‘send immediately when connected’, click okay). ‘Send’ your newsletter from Publisher. This sends the email to the Outlook Outbox. Go to your Outlook outbox and open the email. Add your hyperlinks by clicking on that area, right click and click hyperlink, add your hyperlink. When you are finished adding all your hyperlinks, test the email by sending to yourself in other email accounts like yahoo and gmail. You should be good to go. From there you can use that one email, you don’t need to do all this again and add all hyperlinks each time. I hope I can save someone else the aggravation and hours of lost time. The Newsletter may not look exactly like you want it to, but it’s a Newsletter. Really, these kinks should have been worked out already.

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      Review Links

      by cmbpanes ·

      In reply to Publisher Hyperlinks to Bookmarks in Outlook email

      Try reviewing your links, and all the data you entered – including page breaks.

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