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Publishing .avi in Windows MediaServices.

By hydveda ·
Hi, I am running windows 2000 server and have windows media services intalled. I cannot stream .avi or .mpeg files on the internet? Seems like it only recognises .asf files. Can anyone let me know what do i need to do to publish .avi files on the internet through windows media services?

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by CG IT In reply to Publishing .avi in Window ...

well, how are you making the files available in Media Services? is it broadcast or on demand? How are your distribution points configured. Since your doing internet and not intranet, where are the links for internet users to find and access the media files? A Web server?

I would visit Microsofts Windows Media web site as they have a ton of info on providing content to the internet via Windows Media Services. They also have a ton of SDK tools available for you to create content and convert formats if needed.

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by hydveda In reply to

I am using the media services using on-demand and its on the internet and yes, its a webserver. i have already tried to search on microsoft support site but couldnt find any related documents. can u suggest me a link?

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by CG IT In reply to Publishing .avi in Window ...

ya know, we suggests things to questioners who provide little and mostly irrevelent information on their problems. Rejecting possible suggestions doesn't lend itself for us to provide addition suggestions. Further, If you looked at Windows Media Service web site you would have found a ton of white papers, additional links to information on providing content to users. Since you said you looked and found none, I just have to say you didn't look. Right on the home page, on the left side, at the bottom of the home page AND on the right side are links to information on streaming, content production and broadcast, technologies & tools. If you had clicked the technologies & Tools link, that home page has a paper on getting started with Windows Media services which would give you a ton of information on configuration. AND the help files on Windows Media Server itself has a ton of configuration information.

read the info, everything you need to provide content is there. Maybe someone else will tell the the quick way to do this without you having to learn how to do it yourself.

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by hydveda In reply to Publishing .avi in Window ...

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