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    Pulling DATAof of a dead pc


    by aarongeoscience ·


    I used my origional Desktop PC to build a site.

    There is vital information on this pc, mostly media, but it wont turn on. How can I pull data off of a dead PC?

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      Re: Data from a dead PC

      by kees_b ·

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      That’s simple:
      1. Take the disks out of the PC.
      2. Copy the data from the disks on another PC or laptop.

      The common way to do this, however, is to get them back from your backup. But if you forgot to make one (one wonders why), the above procedure is simple enough.

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      Pulling DATA out of a dead pc

      by cj784316 ·

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      If your desktop won’t turn on, remove the hard drive. Get an external enclosure or adapter, connect the hard drive to another working computer using a USB port, and copy the needed files.

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      Reply To: Pulling DATAof of a dead pc

      by jjns1443 ·

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      I think there are no other options.

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      How can I pull data off of a dead PC?

      by Komalpreet995 ·

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      To recover data from a dead PC, remove the hard drive, connect it to a working computer using an external enclosure, and copy the data. Alternatively, create a live Linux USB, boot from it, and access the dead PC’s hard drive. Professional data recovery services or software like Recuva can also be considered.

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      Pulling DATAof of a dead pc

      by engr.amjad0123 ·

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      To retrieve data from a dead desktop PC, you can follow these steps:

      Check Hardware Connections: Ensure all cables, including power and data cables, are securely connected. Sometimes, loose connections can cause power issues.

      Try a Different Power Outlet: Plug your PC into a different power outlet to rule out electrical issues with the socket.

      Remove the Hard Drive: If the PC remains unresponsive, remove the hard drive and connect it to another working PC using an external hard drive enclosure or a SATA/USB adapter. This allows you to access the data directly from the hard drive.

      Professional Data Recovery Services: If the above steps fail, consider professional data recovery services. They have specialized tools and expertise to recover data from malfunctioning drives.

      Remember, data recovery is more likely if the hard drive is intact. If there’s a mechanical failure, seek professional help. Regularly back up your data to prevent such issues in the future, emphasizing the importance of data redundancy.

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