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Pulling of discussions is out of hand (MY little rant)

By jdclyde ·
I started to read the discussion ""Girl Films presents Lakai - Fully Flared", but before I could read the replies the discussion had been pulled.

Just because someone presses the "report as spam" does not mean something IS spam or it should be thoughtlessly pulled. I am disappointed.

What is the difference between this guy posting his skating video and us posting music and any other off-topic subjects we go off on, or even "rant" about?

The guy was NOT asking for money.
The guy was NOT selling anything.
Just because you don't skate, doesn't make his post a SPAM.

The post was NOT spam, and it was VERY unprofessional for it to be pulled. It was even tagged as off-topic. X-(


The poor guy is owed an apology.

Girl Films presents Lakai - Fully Flared
From Fully Flared great skateboarding video part by Marc Johnson

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

If you would like to watch the full video its on google video here...
Posted: 07/03/2008 @ 01:20 AM (PDT)

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At least three of us thought it was

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Pulling of discussions is ...

Me, Boxy, and whoever beat us to button.

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Please explain your position

by jdclyde In reply to At least three of us thou ...

What exactly is it that made it spam?

What was he trying to sell?

Just because you don't enjoy skating it is spam?

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by Jellimonsta In reply to At least three of us thou ...

I am interested in your take too Palmie.

That does not sound like spam to me (although I did admittedly used to skate).

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My reaction had nothing to do with skating - Edited

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Hmm...

It looked like he was advertising a movie. There's nothing more or less to my reaction. It has nothing to do with the content or subject of the movie. His post simply looked like an unsolicited ad, and I told him so in my response to his post. I would have told him in a peer message but he doesn't accept them.

Oh, and besides me, Boxy, and whoever pushed the button, the PTBs (Tammy?) apparently thought it was spam too.

Edited - I'm willing to take your word that it was tagged as off-topic. I haven't trained my eyes to look for the tags. Until the recent update the tags were in a smaller font and I never noticed them. They're bigger now and I don't have that excuse any more. I'll try to remember to check for them.

Let's look at your copy of the original post. Specifically, look at the first line, "Girl Films presents Lakai - Fully Flared". Tell me that doesn't sound like a porn film. Four barely explained links and no comments from the OP, who is a relatively new member. The first scene features a shirtless man. The second shot of him has the upper part of his torso and head in an almost diseased green color. My canned pork detector went off.

Regardless, the button was pushed before I got there.

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Will you STOP THAT???

by jdclyde In reply to My reaction had nothing t ...

dang it all, make a new post, not change the old one!

I am not trying to dump on you for this, or specifically standing up for the OP. I just see there not being a lot of difference between his post and a lot of the normal discussions we have, regardless of politics, religion, evolution, global cooling/warming/climate shifts, carrot cake, music, weekly rants, or whatever the off-topic discussion you wish to look at.

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Sorry. <<hangs head, looks downward, shuffles feet>>

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Will you STOP THAT??? :D

If he had said more instead just posting links I wouldn't have thought it was spam. Maybe a title like "Any skaters here?" (or even "Ny sk8rs?". Maybe some comments like, "For you non-skaters, Lakai is ...", or "There's a great move about two minutes into part two I'm trying to duplicate", or "I make my own boards and attach <insert brand name here> trucks and wheels." Maybe if he'd posted any comments at all and not just four links. The complete lack of posted comments or content definitely gave the post a porcine scent.

The other off-topic discussions rarely start with only a few cold links and no background information, opinion, or comment from the OP.

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JD, Tammy DOES check content

by Tig2 In reply to Pulling of discussions is ...

Hitting the spam button sends her a link to the potentially offending thread. She checks the thread against the guidelines. If it matches for spam, it goes.

I sent her an alert on a peer who was busily resurrecting zombie threads. Stuff from years ago with no value content in his postings. While that may be harmless fun to some, it reduces the usability of the forum because it pulls those old threads to the front page. And people (as we all know) don't check the freshness date. But when it is a seven year old thread, the OP has probably gotten the answer they were looking for.

End of the day? We, the lunatics, are not inn charge of the asylum. If you have a better solution than what is currently in place, post it. If it is something that the PTB can manage to, they may.

I know it is frustrating. But you gotta admit, we have had fewer spam problems since we got the spam button than we had before.

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A heavy hand.....

by jdclyde In reply to JD, Tammy DOES check cont ...

I looked at the discussion AND the links.

Nothing in it is spam. He was just sharing his video (for free) so he wasn't selling anything, AND it was correctly marked as "off topic", like we do all the time with music and idle chit chat.

Will we be the next to get smacked down?

That was an abuse of power, unless they are planning on killing all off-topic posts?

If that is the plan, it would be good for them to let us know that they are changing the rules.

I play by the rules, but only if I know what they are. TR can change the rules as they see fit, but they then have an obligation to US to notify us of changes.

Heck, the majority of the "weekly rants" have not been tech based. Should they get removed now?

I do not believe that she even looked at the links that had been provided, and took that one at face value.

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Wasn't there so I don't know

by Tig2 In reply to A heavy hand.....

What I do know is that she DOES try to be fair. And she's new in this role. That may mean that there is some growing pain. But Beth went through that too. I recall clearly someone marking one of Neil's discussions as spam even though it wasn't and Beth pulled the thread.

I think that there are some changes coming and while I agree completely that communicating with the community is something that TR should get better at, so far that message hasn't traveled as far or as clearly as it should. That said, I am all for cutting Tammy some slack until she understands us a bit better.

It would seem that at least three people took exception to that thread and that MIGHT have been the deciding factor. I don't know that to be true but it does seem likely to me.

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Wrong, it was two.

by jdclyde In reply to Wasn't there so I don't k ...

Did I mention I never closed that discussion down?

It wasn't me either. <nt> NEW

That was boxies post, that it wasn't her that marked it as spam.

And I posted at the start of this the original discussion, and as you can see, there is nothing spamish about it.

I think you know I am always fair with TPTB, and appreciate what it is they do. I think I am still being fair, and that if there is going to be new rules, it is fair to ask about them. (since no one is offering to inform us)

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